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Is Roblox on Xbox Series X? Next-Gen, Backwards Compatibility, Smart Delivery, Predictions, Promo-codes, and more

With millions of titles to choose from, and an incredible game creator, it's easy to see why Roblox has become such a fan favorite around the world.

It has got some legendary role-playing games, along with some epic Battle Royale titles - but it's the possibility to earn Robux that makes even more enticing to try out!

But is Roblox on Xbox Series X? Let's take a look at what we know so far.

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Is Roblox on Xbox Series X?

Currently, Roblox players can experience the game on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One.

There is a way to play Roblox on PS4, but you may want to follow these steps to do so.

But what about on Microsoft's next-gen console?

Is Roblox on Xbox Series X
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YOU'RE SENTENCED...TO FUN! Jail Break is one of the top games on ROblox


The short answer is - nothing has been announced yet.

However, things do look promising as Roblox is available to play on Xbox One. If we're following that pattern, we could expect it to continue onto Xbox Series X also.

Backwards Compatibility & Smart Delivery

Backwards compatibility & smart delivery feature in the Xbox Series X.

The features allow you to both play Xbox One games on Xbox Series X, and download titles once, regardless of the generation it's downloaded for.

For example, download Roblox on Xbox One, and you'll automatically have it on Xbox Series X if you choose to upgrade.

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So, if it does turn out that Roblox won't be specifically released for Xbox Series X, there could still be a good chance you'll be able to play it on the next-gen console.

Promo Codes

Look no further if you're interested in the latest promo codes for Roblox. June holds some great cosmetics that are well worth checking out.

roblox chothes promo codes
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THREE OF A KIND? The latest cosmetics don't seem to follow a theme, but they sure are fun to look at

For everything you need to know about the latest promo codes, head over here.

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