New content uncovered in Red Dead Online, including bank robberies, drivable boats and more

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A group of Read Dead Online content creators have a huge discovery within the game files which hint at possible future additions and updates to the game.

There's no official confirmation about what these items may be used for, but the assets are complete enough that we may see them in-game before the end of the year.

Boats and Bank Robberies

The content was uncovered by youtuber Silentc0re who detailed the discoveries in the video below:

Chief amongst the discoveries was fully drivable tug boat, that was completely modelled with interiors, able to be operated by the player.

The video shows footage of the data miner 'Randy Light' running around the boat, as well as driving it.

Randy found at least four different ships, and they were confirmed to be newly added to the online game files with the Bounty Hunter DLC, rather than in the core game files, suggesting they are being worked on.

Bank Bonds, vaults, strongboxes, and jewellery bags were also found in the game files by Randy Light' and 'RML' which suggest the long awaited Bank Robbery missions will be coming to the game at some point

Hints at Guarma

There are also hints that Guarma may become a location later on, as RockstarGuides on Twitter discovered Guarma files in patch pack 8 back in December.

This may well be related to some kind of legendary bounty in Guarma. The Bounty Hunter DLC introduced 3 Legendary Bounties, and none of them used the sailboats and Guarma labelled assets.

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There's no confirmation this will be added in the future, but the files existence is intriguing, and it may well follow template of recent the Cayo Perico DLC for GTA Online .

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