RealTech: Gioteck VX4 Wireless Controller for PS4 & PC Review

A broken controller is the bane of many gamers' lives, as buying a replacement usually leads to a substantial dent to your bank account. For example, Sony’s official PlayStation controller starts at the sizeable price of £44.99 on Amazon.

Well thankfully cheaper alternatives to official gear exist, and here at RealSport, we have reviewed a more cost-effective option in the form of Gioteck’s new VX4 wireless controller for PS4 and PC.


I was impressed with the VX4’s overall performance; the layout is set up like a Sony controller, and most of the buttons are perfectly responsive and effective. In addition, the anti-slip rubber thumbsticks have fantastic grip and are comfortable, albeit a little less responsive than on Sony’s controller.

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My main issue with performance was the stiffness of the trigger buttons; this means that the triggers are slightly less responsive than other buttons and are more strenuous to hold down for a longer period.

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Gioteck claim that their VX4 controller is “ergonomically designed for superb comfort during long gaming sessions”.

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Unfortunately, I don’t feel this is entirely the case. Primarily, the bizarrely long trigger buttons catch on my resting fingers when pushed; this may be because I control the triggers with my index fingers, rather than my middle fingers.

In addition, the matte plastic finish does mean the controller gets a little slippery from sweaty palms during elongated gaming sessions.

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Other than this, the general shape of the controller means it rests comfortably in your hands and does not feel too foreign from the official Sony model.


Apart from the aforementioned oddly long triggers, the VX4 controller has a rather slick design. I was using the black controller, which has an aesthetically pleasing matte black finish, with touches of shiny black plastic. The general rounded shape makes up a neat looking controller.

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The VX4 also comes in silver, blue and red which I think are even cooler than the black model, judging by pictures online.


You can’t fault the VX4 controller’s price, as it retails on Amazon for £19.99; this is a whopping £25 cheaper than the official Sony controller!

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Ultimately, Gioteck’s VX4 controller is a good piece of kit for its price.

Quality: 3 Stars

Price: 5 Stars

This controller is perfect for a player who is looking to buy/replace an affordable, secondary controller for offline multiplayer gaming. If you’re after a primary controller to use for gaming marathons, then this is not the controller for you; you’d be much better suited to investing more in a top-quality controller designed for ultimate performance.

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