RealTech: Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset review

When you think of gaming headsets, Turtle Beach is one of the first names that springs to mind.

For years, they've crafted elegant, high-quality peripherals that are trusted by pro and causal gamers alike.

So, when I heard about the in-ear Battle Buds, designed to combat ear fatigue and enhance comfort, obviously I was keen to give them a try.


Turtle Beach claims you can play for hours with the Battle Buds and it'll stave off fatigue.

Having spent a long time with them, that's certainly the case - providing you've adjusted the in-ear 'grips' correctly from the off (this can be fiddly).

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The buds themselves come with three different size rubber components - some will fit well, the others won't. Whatever size you end up using, it'll take some getting used to.


The in-ear gaming headset is built to battle on any platform - and plugs easily into your controller. There's a removable high-sensitivity boom mic, a Master Volume Wheel, Mic Mute and a Multifunction Button (on supported devices).

Should you lose the boom mic, there's also an in-built option - although it's not nearly as effective, with some of my colleagues regularly asking me to turn up the chat volume when playing online.

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Although it worked well with PC and console gaming, the Battle Buds really came into their own on on the Nintendo Switch - with its punchy 10mm speakers delivering crisp highs and deep, aggressive lows.

When it comes to music, though, the Battle Buds fall well short. Sound sounds unnatural and the base seems to struggle to add any depth.

As they're wired, you're almost certain to damage the jack if you're using them on the commute, so be warned.


For around £25 you can't expect mind-blowing quality, even from a Turtle Beach product.

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That being said, the Battle Buds are still decent to look at it. Sure, they're a bit heavy on plastic, but the essentials are all there.

The in-line controls are clearly marked, although the slider is incredibly sensitive - so tread with caution.


A great, well-priced headset that'll win fans over because of its light-weight design and comfort.

Quality: 3 starsPrice: 5 stars

Not quite the all-rounder we hoped for, but a fantastic companion for the Nintendo Switch - and for that, it gets our vote.

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