Best Basketball Hoop 2022: Top Picks For Front And Backyard Courts

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There's a lot to factor in when searching for the best basketball hoop, especially considering the wide variety of options to choose from, all with differing price points.

Fortunately, we've put together a list of our top picks based on price, reviews, and any unique features that make these hoops stand out from the crowd.

Having your own basketball hoop set up in your front or backyard gives you the option of getting a few extra hours of practice in your best basketball shoes before your next game,


So whether you're after something portable, like this Lifetime 52" Basketball Hoop, or something to mount to your wall, like this Silverback NXT, we've got you covered right here.

We've also answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding basketball hoops to help you come to the best decision possible. That being said, let's dive in...

Best Basketball Hoop


Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop - Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Best basketball hoops Silverback product image an in-ground, 'ghost' or black tinted hoop
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Credit: Silverback
Brand: Silverback | Min Height: 7.5 Feet | Max Height: 10 Feet | Mounting: In-Ground

If you're looking for a permanent fitting, then this Silverback In-Ground net might be the perfect hoop to accompany your best basketball.


It features a 60" 'ghost'-tinted backboard which has been designed using tempered glass to reduce the sun's glare and deliver a professional style rebound which is ideal if you're a power forward.

Moreover, the Silverback boasts a flexible hoop to protect players from injury if they were to collide with it during a layup for example.

Once again, the frame is adjustable and the anchor mounting means you do have the option to unbolt and move the hoop if needed which is another reason why we feel it deserves a place on this list.

Best Portable Basketball Hoop - Lifetime 52" Basketball Hoop

Best basketball hoops Lifetime product image of a portable, 54" basketball hoop
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Credit: Lifetime
Brand: Lifetime | Min Height: 7.5 Feet | Max Height: 10 Feet | Mounting: Freestanding

Lifetime is one of the leading manufacturers of basketball hoops around.


Its 52" Hoop, in particular, should be a great portable option as it has been designed to be easily transportable with 2 caster-like wheels to help you move it to wherever you want.

In terms of features, it comes with a rust-resistant finish and a 52", steel-framed, shatterproof backboard which is ideal if you've checked out which basketball shoes are best for jumping and looking to attempt a dunk.

The Lifetime Hoop also includes an adjusting mechanism so you can change the height of the hoop to anywhere between 7.5-10 feet, meaning it will likely suit players across all adult age groups.

Best Junior Basketball Hoop - Lifetime 32" Youth Basketball Hoop

Best basketball hoops Lifetime product image a black junior hoop with red details on the backboard
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Credit: Lifetime
Brand: Lifetime | Min Height: 5.5 Feet | Max Height: 7.5 Feet | Mounting: Freestanding

Back to Lifetime now and a slightly smaller hoop designed more for junior and youth players.


The 32" Youth net includes a rust and weather-resistant frame and a 10-gallon base that can be filled with water or sand when playing, and emptied if you want to move it when you're not.

The rim is just 15" which is more suitable for younger players, and it is also foldable which makes the structure easier to store.

This hoop is also backed 5-year limited manufacturer warranty which is a handy addition if there were imperfections on the backboard for example.

Best Budget Basketball Hoop - Yaheetech Basketball Hoop

Best basketball hoops Yaheetech product image a black frame and white, red, and blue net.
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Credit: Yaheetech
Brand: Yaheetech | Min Height: 7.2 Feet | Max Height: 9.2 Feet | Mounting: Freestanding

The Yaheetech Basketball Hoop offers you a slightly cheaper alternative than some of the more premium products featured if you're working within a budget.


Again, the hoop is adjustable up to 9.2 Feet so you should have enough height to make things challenging even if you're fairly tall.

Moreover, the frame is made of durable, painted iron, and the backboard is crafted out of shatterproof PVC and PE which is ideal for safety when you attempt a slam dunk.

The Yaheetech Hoop is also portable with two wheels at the front and it is marketed as being easy to assemble which is helpful for when you just want to get up and play so should definitely be a great budget option to consider.

Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop - Silverback NXT 54" Wall-Mounted Hoop

Best basketball hoops Silverback product image a clear backboard, red hoop, and white net.
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Credit: Silverback
Brand: Silverback | Min Height: 7.5 Feet | Max Height: 10 Feet | Mounting: Wall-Mounted

While most basketball hoops are connected to the ground, the Silverback NXT stands out as this net has been designed to be mounted onto your house.


Silverback states the wall mount, backboard, and rim are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation depending on where you'd prefer to play.

In terms of durability, the 54" backboard is made from Infinity Edge acrylic which folds backward to provide increased rigidity and, ideally, avoid it shattering when a ball rebounds off the plastic.

Interestingly for a wall-mounted bit of kit, the hoop is adjustable thanks to an all-steel actuator and lock so you can train or play a game in your backyard with a net ranging between 7.5-10 feet like you see in the NBA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basketball Hoops

With an array of different options out there, you may have a number of questions about basketball hoops.

If so, don't worry, because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

What Is A Full Size Basketball Hoop?


The rims in the NBA have been 10-feet tall ever since James Naismith wrote 13 rules for a game he called “Basket Ball” in a Springfield YMCA gym in 1891.

Back then, your average player would have been under 6ft.

However, nowadays, basketball players are typically around the 6-foot-7 mark, with Tacko Fall currently taking the crown as the tallest active NBA player at 7ft 7.

As a result, basketball hoops measure it at 10-feet tall, with a regulation backboard measuring 6-feet wide by 3.5-feet tall.

Full-size basketball rims then come in at 18 inches in diameter.

What Should You Look For In A Basketball Hoop?

Before you buy a hoop, you'll want to ensure you have plenty of space to actually play in.


Once you know you have enough space, then you'll need to determine whether a portable, in-ground, or wall-mounted net is the best option for the location, so it's worth keeping an eye out for that.

Also, you should make sure you check what the backboard is made of because, if you're looking for a professional level board, you'll need to make sure you pick up one made out of tempered glass.

How Much Should You Spend On A Basketball Hoop?

Basketball hoops can vary massively in price, so deciding how much to spend will really come down to your own preference and available budget.

That said, while there are certainly a number of premium options out there, there are also several great budget hoops to choose from as well.

This Yaheetech Basketball Hoop, for instance, should offer you an effective way of playing basketball at home for less.

Ultimately though, the choice on how much to spend is entirely yours to make.


Which Basketball Hoop Is Best In A Driveway?

This really depends on whether you want something permanent or not.

You can of course pick up a portable frame but, if you do want a permanent fixture, then you can either go for an in-ground mounted hoop or a wall-mounted net.

Be careful though with wall-mounted equipment as not all of them can be anchored to bricks, so you'd need to ensure you're drilling into something like wood for example.

Should You Put Sand Or Water In Your Basketball Hoop?

While both are commonly used to anchor down a non-mounted basketball hoop, we'd recommend using sand if possible.

This is because sand is much denser than water and, therefore, weighs more per gallon which should help increase stability.

The main drawback of this is sand can make your hoop harder to move. However, as most hoops come with handy wheels, you should be able to tilt it up and wheel it to wherever you're looking to place your hoop.

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