Best NBA jerseys 2022/23

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The best NBA jerseys this season are, in our opinion, some of the best ever made. Association, classic, and even the alternative strips, there are some amazing kits in the league right now.

In fact, we'd go as far as to say there are a few shirts that could give some of the best NBA jerseys of all time a run for their money. That said, we'll have to wait until the end of the season to know whether any truly compare as awards and titles start being won.


So, with there being no specific achievements attached to these strips just yet (we'll have to wait until the Playoffs for that), we're basing our list purely from an aesthetic standpoint as well as any historical meaning behind them.

From modern, association pieces, like this Cleveland Cavaliers kit, to standout statement shirts, like this Milwaukee Bucks jersey, we've rounded up the very best right here.

Stick around too because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding NBA jerseys to help you pick out your next NBA purchase. With that in mind, let's get into it...

Best NBA jerseys 2022/23

Detroit Pistons Classic Edition Jersey

Detroit Pistons Classic Edition Jersey product image of a teal sleeveless uniform with orange and white accents.
Credit: Detroit Pistons

For approximately 10 games this season, fans of the Pistons will have the pleasure of watching their team rock this Classic Edition jersey.


The uniform sees the return of teal, a colour that is associated with franchise standouts such as Grant Hill, Ben Wallace, and Lindsey Hunter, three of the finest basketball players to ever wear the Piston threads.

The design is actually a direct replica of the road jersey the Pistons wore between 1996-2001 as it features the same flaming horse graphic in the centre and black, burgundy, and golden orange details that stand out against the basketball and the court.

Ultimately, we're big fans of this jersey, hence its inclusion for out list.

Utah Jazz Classic Edition Jersey

Utah Jazz Classic Edition Jersey product image of a purple sleeveless uniform with a white and blue mountain range graphic on the front
Credit: Utah Jazz

Continuing with the retro designs, this unique Utah Jazz Classic Edition jersey brings with it the return of the iconic Purple Mountain that was last regularly worn during one of the most successful periods in the team's history.


Like the Pistons, this mountainous design was prominent throughout the 1996-2004 era, a period which saw the team pick up back-to-back first-place finishes in the Western Conference.

The design saw a brief comeback in the 2019/20 season; however, it looks as though we might be seeing a little more of the Purple Mountains during the 2022/23 campaign.

With its unique mountain graphic and retro "Jazz" typeface, we feel there's a lot to like about this retro uniform, which is why we've decided to include it on our list.

Cleveland Cavaliers Association Jersey

Cleveland Cavaliers Icon Edition Jersey product image of a white sleeveless uniform with red and gold accents
Credit: Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have undergone somewhat of a brand refresh for the upcoming NBA season, with its new Association jersey returning to white with the iconic metallic gold and burgundy red accents.


"Cavs" is printed across the centre in a bold typeface that features a unique basketball and hoop graphic as a direct reference to the sport.

Gold is a tone that the Cavaliers donned throughout most of the '80s, then again during one of the franchise's most dominant runs between 2005-2010, with their star man and legend of the game LeBron James performing beyond expectations rocking some of the best LeBron shoes of all time.

Some may argue it's too simplistic, but we think that's part of what makes the new Cleveland Cavaliers Association jersey one of the best around right now.

San Antonio Spurs Statement Jersey

San Antonio Spurs Statement Edition Jersey product image of a black sleeveless uniform with a white and grey pattern down the sides
Credit: San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs will wear five kits during the 2022/23 season, but from what we've seen so far, it's the Statement Edition jersey that takes the crown as one of the best in the league.

The team is approaching its golden anniversary season and will no doubt be looking for a little more success wearing its new Statement uniform this year compared to what the team has managed over the last few NBA campaigns.

Design-wise though, we're big fans of the traditional Mexican pattern along the sides inspired by serapes and saddle blankets.

The colour scheme teams nicely with the new “SATX” wordmark stitched across the chest alongside the iconic Jordan Jumpman logo, a brand which has created some of the best basketball shoes of all time over the years.

On the whole, this jersey is amongst some of the best NBA uniforms we've seen so far this season.

Milwaukee Bucks Statement Jersey

Milwaukee Bucks Statement Edition Jersey product image of a black sleeveless uniform with white antler graphics on the sides and blue accents.
Credit: Milwaukee Bucks

"Fear the Deer" is the theme for this new Milwaukee Bucks Statement jersey as it arrives with cream antler-style graphics up the sides that are said to give the impression of a charging buck.


The "Fear the Deer" series actually started in 2015, with this upcoming jersey set to be the third iteration in the collection. The design continues the tradition of the black base with large graphics that help the kit stand out on the court.

Although your eyes are first drawn to the antlers, you'll also notice the subtle blue and green outlines in reference to the franchise's usual colour scheme.

With Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the team, the sky's the limit for the Bucks this season, especially when wearing this amazing Statement kit.

Frequently asked questions about NBA jerseys

With more and more NBA jerseys being released, you may have a few questions about their designs and how to buy them. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions right here.

Where can I buy new NBA jerseys?

One of the go-to places to pick an NBA jersey is the official NBA store. The website sells both new and retro kits, including swingman, authentic, and old-school jerseys from Mitchell & Ness from every team in the Eastern and Western Conferences.


You can also find jerseys at Nike, the official kit provider and manufacturer for the NBA.

Do NBA jerseys fit true to size?

Due to their athletic, slim-fit designs, most NBA jerseys tend to run slightly small, particularly those from the modern era.

If you're unsure, we'd recommend taking your measurements and then comparing them to a size chart. You can find these on most manufacturers' websites including Nike which, as mentioned above, creates all the kits you see in the NBA.

If you're after a slightly more oversized fit, then we'd recommend going for something a little larger than your measurements.

How can I start an NBA jersey collection?

This depends on the type of approach you take to collecting basketball jerseys.


You could start by purchasing the kits from your favourite franchise, especially as Nike now releases such a wide variety of uniforms each year. Eventually, you'll start to amass a sizeable collection if you continue to pick up jerseys at the start of each season.

You could also pick up any kits you simply like the look of or that you like the story behind. For instance, you may have been a fan of the Pistons in the late '90s, so grew up watching the team rock a kit similar to the new Pistons Classic Edition jersey.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Once you start to buy a few, your collection will no doubt continue to grow.

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