Jordan 1 High "Black White" is Available Below its Retail Price Today

A black and white Air Jordan 1 high-top with a white Swoosh down the sidewall.
Credit: Nike

A black and white Air Jordan 1 high-top with a white Swoosh down the sidewall.
Credit: Nike

Black and white is a classic and versatile color scheme that complements nearly any outfit. Shoes, in particular, can be challenging to coordinate with clothing, making something like these "Black White" Air Jordan 1 Highs a valuable addition to your collection. Today, you can snag a pair for $53 off the retail price, making it an ideal time to invest in these stylish shoes.

This is all down to StockX listing the high-tops for as little as $127 depending on the size, which is considerably cheaper than their $180 price tag upon their release earlier this year. That's a pretty sweet sneaker deal if you ask us!

Close-ups of a black and white Air Jordan 1 High featuring the Air Jordan wings logo in black and the Swoosh down the sidewall in white.
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Credit: Nike

As mentioned, these sneakers are simple yet effective with an incredibly versatile color scheme. They blend elements from Michael Jordan's legendary first silhouette with a clean, monochromatic finish, nodding to the origins of the silhouette and appealing to those who love sneaker history.

What's more, the black and white palette offers a sharp and elegant contrast that goes beyond temporary fashion trends, ensuring it remains a classic piece in any collection that'll withstand the test of time.

It really is hard to go wrong with black and white at times, so make sure you check out these sneakers using the link below if you're interested in buying a pair.

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