Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl Collection: New Operator Skin Bundles & Price

It wouldn't be a festive event without some festive cosmetics available, right? The industry trend of leaning on microtransactions isn't going to take time off for Christmas and there's going to be a Snow Brawl Collection to check out in the Rainbow Six Siege store. Here's what you need to know...

Snow Brawl Collection brings new Operator skins

The Snow Brawl Collection is going to introduce a total of 45 festive cosmetic items to Rainbow Six Siege - there's going to be a set of Operator uniforms, Operator headgears, Operator-specific weapon skins, and new Operator-specific Card Portraits. There's also going to be a universally available signature weapon skin, attachment skin, weapon charm, and Operator Card Background.

There's no word on the price of this Snow Brawl Collection, but you can pick up the following items with both R6 Credits and Renown...

  • Snow Brawl Collection Packs - 300 R6 Credits / 12500 Renown
  • Individual Snow Brawl Collection Bundles - 1680 R6 Credits

You can check out some of the new Operator uniforms - the festive Snow Brawl Collection skins - below:

Buck Snow Brawl Collection Skin

Siege Snow Brawl LTM Collection Bundle Buck
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BUCK - Keep warm this winter!

Castle Snow Brawl Collection Skin

Siege Snow Brawl LTM Collection Bundle Castle
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CASTLE - Stay frosty!

Frost Snow Brawl Collection Skin

Siege Snow Brawl LTM Collection Bundle Frost Skin
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FROST - Keeping wrapped up!

You can also see the wider selection of festive cosmetics available below:

Siege Snow Brawl LTM Cosmetics Skins Operators Collection Bundle
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FESTIVE FEELING - Here's everything on offer during this event

If you log into Rainbow Six Siege during the 'Snow Brawl' event period, you'll get your hands on a free Collection pack. It's only one, but you might be able to get your hands on something worthwhile - it's classically a random selection of items that offer a way for you to gamble on getting one of the rarer items. As we've said above, you can purchase additional Collection packs at your discretion.

The Snow Brawl LTM and the Snow Brawl Collection will be available in Rainbow Six Siege from December 14th until January 4th.

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