Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl LTM: How to play the new Capture the Flag mode

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a festive event this year and we can't wait to check out what Ubisoft has on offer! At the moment, we know that the Snow Brawl LTM is going to be the main feature of Siege's festive offerings and we have everything you need to know about this new Capture the Flag mode.

Everything you need to know about Snow Brawl

The Snow Brawl LTM is going to be a Capture The Flag mode, as we've previously mentioned, and it's going to follow traditional Capture The Flag rules. You're going to need to carry the enemy flag to your 'home base' as many times as possible within the timer to win - there's no mention of a score limit in Snow Brawl LTM.

" The goal is for players to capture the flag of the opposing team and bring it back to their own base to score a point. Flags can be released by the holder or by taking down the carrier. Fallen flags can be returned to base by picking them up."

Snow Brawl LTM is going to be a respawn mode, too - so don't worry too much about playing this strategically. In Snow Brawl LTM, you're going to be equipped with an unlimited amount of snowballs and a Snowblast Launcher that's "ready to push back" your enemies.

Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl LTM Map
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THE MAP - A festive take on the outskirts of Chalet

What makes this a little interesting is that there's only a select set of Operators available for the Snow Brawl LTM - even though everyone is going to have the same equipment and abilities.

The Attackers will be...

  • Ash
  • Blackbeard
  • Buck
  • Montagne
  • Osa

Then, the Defenders are going to be...

  • Castle
  • Frost
  • Rook
  • Thorn
  • Vigil
Rainbow Six Siege LTM Snow Brawl Operators
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WHO'S AVAILABLE - The Competitors are here

Rainbow Six Siege's Snow Brawl LTM is going to be available from December 14th until January 4th. It's time to choose... The Orange Blizzards or The Blue Blades?

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