Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event: Snow Brawl Start Date & Free Event Pack

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Ubisoft isn't afraid of a seasonal event and Rainbow Six Siege isn't a stranger to them either, but Christmas has always been overlooked by the developers - until now. The Snow Brawl LTM is coming to Siege this festive period and we can't wait! Here's the latest and the announcement from Ubisoft.

UPDATE - New Snow Brawl LTM announced

The deadliest snowball fight in the world is breaking out in Rainbow Six Siege and we have everything you need to know about this new capture-the-flag mode with a focus on festive fights and snowballs.

Snow Brawl is going to be available on December 14th and should be available until January 4th - so, it's the perfect time to jump into Siege for some festive fun. You can check out a look at the event below:


Rainbow Six Siege's website has been given a wintery theme and the teams are lining up with the best of the best ready to compete in Snow Brawl from tomorrow.

" On the offense we have The Orange Blizzards coming in hot with the Attackers:
Ash gets crafty gift-wrapping a victory; Blackbeard reprises his role as the benevolent Snow Beard; Buck soldiers in to break down the defense; Montagne is everyone’s little helper this season; Osa’s shiny nose will guide this team to victory.
Taking the defensive The Blue Blades bring in some solid Defenders:
Castle really bears down on this snowball fight; Frost is geared up for mischief; Rook blends in with his abominable defense; Thorn is all ears and prowling the snowbanks; Vigil is dealing out punishment and telling you why."
Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl Christmas Event 2021
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SNOW BRAWL COLLECTION - A look at all the cosmetics available in the coming weeks

The whole mode is being played on a festive rebranding of parts of Chalet and there's going to be a few new cosmetic bundles in-store. You won't want to miss this one!


CHRISTMAS EVENT - Everything we know so far

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation High Calibre update has only just been released, so we haven't had any information that a Christmas event is going to be taking place on Rainbow Six Siege in 2021. That doesn't mean we won't get one though... But it's unlikely.

Instead, we're expecting some amalgamation of the content we've seen from previous years - with Siege being six years in, we don't think they're going to start any new traditions anytime soon.

Last year, Rainbow Six Siege offered players a Holiday Pack that unlocked one random unowned DLC Operator. For free, that isn't a bad deal. It wasn't an automatic gift though, you had to work for it.

The Legacy Arcade Mode was added as a limited-time mode on December 17th and it was essentially a throwback mode for Siege veterans to enjoy.

Rainbow Six Siege Christmas 2021 Event
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FESTIVE SKINS - There should be a few knocking about

In this mode, you could only play as one of Siege's initial set of 20 Operators and their loadouts were all reverted back to their original set-ups. The Operator's abilities weren't altered, but several maps were reverted back to their original layouts for this LTM. With Siege being big on map reworks at the moment, we don't know if this will be the case for any sort of event this year. However, we still expect to see something similar arrive in Rainbow Six Siege in mid-December - as opposed to a fully-fledged Christmas event.

Check out the trailer for this LTM below:


Any festive cosmetics should also be on sale - and we might even see a couple of new sets - however, only time will tell. We'll keep you updated with the latest information as and when it is available.