Rainbow Six Siege Berlin Major 2022 Twitch Drops: All Rewards and How to Redeem Them

The Rainbow Six Siege Berlin Majors event is nearly here. Tuning into the live stream will give players free in-game cosmetic content to play with.

One of the biggest esports events for the game. The Berlin Majors will be a great chance for fans to watch their best teams compete. 16 R6S teams will compete for the title which will happen on August 21, 2022. However, it's not only the teams that will be winning, because players can tune in to the live stream to get free rewards.

So, how do players get these rewards and what are they? Let's take a look now.

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How to redeem rewards from the Berlin Major R6S event

Redeeming rewards from the Berlin Major event could not be any simpler. And when it's for free, why wouldn't you tune in?

Here's how to get that sweet loot from watching the event...

  1. Open Ubisoft’s drops website.
  2. Link your Twitch and Ubisoft account.
  3. Opt into the drops feature.
  4. Ensure that your account is linked before tuning in.
  5. Enjoy the matches and claim your Rainbow Six Siege rewards!

Simples, right? The whole process can be done easily. However, don't forget that you must manually claim the rewards from your Twitch inventory. This can only be done within 24 hours of receiving your rewards.

Watching the event for three hours will give the watcher one pack. Don't forget, only one pack will be given out each day. However, the grand final works a little differently. Watchers can earn one pack after one hour of watching, AND one pack after watching for three hours.

All Berlin Major Twitch drop rewards

There is a surprisingly large number of items ready for free, simply for watching. The full list has officially been released now, so, here it is!

Esports Amaru set
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Esports Amaru Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Uncanny Motivation Uniform
  • Uncanny Motivation Headgear
  • Adamant G8A1 Weapon Skin
  • Amaru Charm

Esports Fuze Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Reliable Silence Uniform
  • Reliable Silence Headgear
  • Hard-Hitter 6P41 Weapon Skin
  • Fuze Charm

Esports Ying Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Starlight Uniform
  • Eclipse Headgear
  • Gamma Ray T-95 LSW Weapon Skin
  • Ying Charm

Esports Mozzie Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Cosmic Nexus Uniform
  • Chromosphere Headgear
  • Constellation Commando 9 Weapon Skin
  • Mozzie Charm

Esports Maestro Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Moon Flare Uniform
  • Lyrid Headgear
  • Shooting Star Alda 5.56 Weapon Skin
  • Maestro Charm

There has never been a better time to enjoy yourself watching Twitch whilst getting free rewards.

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