Rainbow Six Extraction Difficulty Guide: How should you approach your Incursions?

Rainbow Six Extraction may surprise a few players with its difficulty but it's certainly not something that should put anyone off playing!

It may help to know how each different difficulty affects not only gameplay but the rewards that are up for grabs. Here's what you need to know...

Rainbow Six Extraction Difficulty Guide

There are four total difficulties in Rainbow Six Extraction and each one has its parameters and rewards. You'll start off with Moderate difficulty which is the lowest possible. This is recommended for any operators, there are no parasite mutations and only low-level enemies. Finally, it offers base XP.

rainbow six extraction mia operator
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Next up is Cautious difficulty. This is recommended for operators that are level 3 and above but you still will only face low-level enemies. You'll receive 50% extra XP from this difficulty. There is, however, a 50% chance of parasite mutations.

Parasite mutations are randomised mutations that enemies can take on. These may include nests being armoured, enemies being cloaked and sprawl being produced by enemies as they move around the map.

The Severe difficulty is next and is recommended for operator level 6 and above. All enemy types can spawn in this difficulty and there is a 75% chance of parasite mutations. To balance this additional challenge, 100% extra XP is up for grabs.

rainbow six extraction enemies incursion sub zone
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Finally, we have the Critical difficulty. This is for operators level 8 and above only. The full enemy tier list is in the game and parasite mutations are at 100%. The reward for playing on this difficulty is 200% XP.

So, those are all of the difficulties available in Rainbow Six Extraction and each one can be taken on either solo or as part of a three-person team. The in-game balancing does make it difficult for solo players whereas groups go unpunished. We hope that some small tweaks can be made to help solo players enjoy the game at higher difficulties without having to force co-op play.

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