A Guide to all the REACT Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction

It doesn't matter whether you plan on tackling Rainbow Six Extraction solo or as part of a team. Your gear and loadouts will be crucial to ensuring you can get the job done when you're in an incursion.

A big part of the set-up for each incursion is picking your REACT Tech. This is special gear that can have a range of benefits and fit into a variety of offensive or defensive play styles. So, what types of tech are on offer and what does each one do? We've got the breakdown of every single REACT Tech item for you.

All REACT Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction

There are fifteen total pieces of REACT Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction including the base items you start the game with.

Starting Tech

You start Rainbow Six Extraction with access to Barricades, Wall Reinforcements and a Recon Drone, which Siege players are already very familiar with. You also have a Nanoedge Blade (melee weapon), Smoke Grenade and UV Light.

The UV light allows you to see enemies and their weak points through walls to help you approach each room tactically. Smoke Grenades temporarily disorient archaeans and will allow you to get out of a sticky situation.

Extraction recon drone
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Tier 1 REACT Tech

Impact Grenade - A standard explosive that detonates on impact.

Revive Kit - Equipping this will allow you to revive yourself or a teammate when down.

Body Armor - This REACT Tech allows you to go Down But Not Out and also starts you in each incursion with extra protection.

Scan Mine - A small mine that scans a small area and can alert operators to enemy

Each piece of Tier 1 REACT Teach can offer huge benefits and you'll typically want someone in your squad to have these when playing online. The following tiers offer slight improvements on this gear or situational alternatives.

extraction body armor
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Tier 2 REACT Tech

Stun Grenade - Does exactly what it says in the name. This device stuns enemies temporarily and breaks the line of sight.

Claymore - A small trap explosive that detonates when an enemy enters its line of vision. Can greatly aid with defending objectives.

Glue Grenade - This grenade slows enemies much like the Sprawl slows operators.

Ammo Satchel - Take more ammo into each incursion to reduce the risk of running out.

Tier 3 REACT Tech

XL Recon Drone - This is an improved Recon Drone that can scan through surfaces.

Field Wall - Use to deploy a barrier wall that can block projectiles.

Scan Grenade - The Scan Grenade can be used to gain specific recon info by throwing it into a certain location.

Explosive Harness - You can carry additional REACT explosives when using this harness.

Frag Grenade - The standard issues frag grenade can be used to deal explosive damage.

extraction explosive grenade
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Tier 4 REACT Tech

Recon Vapor Device - These devices provide intelligence in a large area, revealing enemies in the process.

Arc Mine - You can eliminate threats around corners using an Arc Mine.

Paralysis Grenade - This device temporarily stops all enemy movements and weakens them.

Anabolic Accelerant - This provides your operators with extra resilience and replenishes low health over time.

REACT Laser - This can replace the UV Light and instead be used to eliminate Sprawl from across each region.

Nitro Cell - You can plant or throw the Nitro Cell to create a highly destructive blast.

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