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Rainbow Six Extraction Solo Starter Guide: How to Complete your first Incursions

We're big fans of Rainbow Six Extraction and it's been a great way to kick off the year with such a unique release! It can, however, be a difficult game to tackle solo as it's clearly been designed for squads of three.

That doesn't mean that it's impossible to go it alone. Ubisoft has made it accessible for solo players and even include a clever story cutscene to explain why you would be allowed to carry out incursions alone.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you manage your solo missions and ensure your operators don't all end up MIA.

Rainbow Six Extraction Solo Starter Guide

The first and most important step will be to complete the full tutorial on Liberty Island. You can push past this one you complete the first step but we advise completing the entire thing 100% to get yourself truly ready for the task that lies ahead.

Pick the right Operator

Next, you want to make sure you pick the best operator for your playstyle. We heavily recommend either Lion, Doc or, if you're feeling risky, Hibana. Each of these operators has abilities that are very easy to grasp and are useful in solo play.

extraction doc operator
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Lion has a recon scanner, Doc can heal and Hibana has essentially a remote explosive launcher. You'll also want to pay attention to their Speed and Armor stats and decide whether you want to be able to take a little more damage or move a little bit quicker.

Develop the right REACT Tech

As you earn XP, you'll also unlock REACT Tech points to develop more gear. It's almost a requirement that you start with the Body Armor. This starts you with extra protection in each incursion as well as enabling Down But Not Out.

extraction body armor
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From there, Claymores are the next best unlock but you must be at least Milestone level 4 to unlock it. Claymores allow you to complete defend objectives much easier as you can use them to deal with the waves of incoming enemies if placed right.

Stealth is King

While Rainbow Six Extraction will force you into firefights from time to time, stealth is still the best way to approach each incursion. Observe and understand enemy movement and use takedowns where possible.

It awards additional XP and with 15 minutes to complete each stage of an incursion, spend time really exploring and eliminating all the enemies you can find for maximum XP gain.

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