V10 R-League: 3 tracks we'd love the series to race on

The V10 R-League has stormed onto the sim-racing scene with a screech of tyres and roar of V10 engines.

As the first season reaches its climax, we got thinking about where we would like to see the drivers head to next.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the three tracks of our V10 R-league fuelled dreams!

Mount Panorama

Known for its diverse track route and unforgiving nature, Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst is top of our list. Whether it’s the tight downhill sections of the track or long straights, it has something for everyone!

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THE RING: The V10 R-League already races at the world's leading venues

Bordering much of the track are concrete walls with virtually no run-off, making the racing fast and nail-bitingly close. A mistake will often prove overwhelmingly costly.

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The track is also steeped in heritage, playing host to the infamous Bathurst 1000 and Bathurst 12 hour. These events are known to attract spectators from around the globe each year and are in keeping with the iconic venues the V10 R-League has already visited.

Tsukuba Circuit

Much like Bathurst, Tsukuba has a plethora of small, tight turns with two straights and an exceptional fast right-hander. Couple that with a small run-off and you are nothing short of guaranteed an exciting race!

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PIN-POINT ACCURACY: The flowing tarmac requires elite precision

Maybe it’s the Gran Turismo fanboy in me, but the sight of some of the world's best sim-racers battling head-to-head around such a track has my heart racing!

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Besides the aforementioned, Tsukuba was created in 1970, meaning the track has a long history featuring a wide variety of racing, making it a perfect digital home for the V10 R-League.

Circuit de Catalunya

The last track that we would like to see host the V10 R-league is the Circuit de Catalunya.

With a number of high-speed corners nestled between tight hairpins and a complex final sector, the Circuit de Catalunya would prove a phenomenal host for the cars of the new sim-racing league.

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CLOSE RACING: The League has already established itself as a close-fought competition

The circuit is also visually stunning, perched above the sprawling city of Barcelona, allowing for a breath-taking race.

Where can I watch the V10 R-league?

Those wishing to watch the racing can do so weekly on BT Sport at 7 PM every Monday in the UK.

For the USA, the programme is available on ESPN 3, while in the Middle East it is available on STARZPLAY Arabia.

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