V10 R-League: Who are the MVPs of the season so far?

The V10 R-League has already firmly established itself as one of the top sim racing series in the world!

At the halfway point of the R-League’s first season, we’ve witnessed incredible action and racing skills throughout its four meetings.

The drivers, of course, are at the centre of this, as there’s some of the best esports racing talent in the eight teams’ ranks. But who has impressed the most?

These are our driver MVPs for the V10 R-League!

Atze Kerkhof, Porsche24 Redline

Porsche24 Redline are the leaders in the championship, so it's no surprise that one of their drivers makes it onto this list. Atze Kerkhof has been the pick of the Porsche bunch so far and has emerged as a real team leader.

Atze Kerkhof Round 4 Vallelunga V10 R-League championship season 1
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IN THE THICK OF IT: Kerkhof has been in the action and key to Porsche's success

Kerkhof's record is nothing short of exemplary, especially individually. In the head-to-heads, he's won all three of the contests he's competed in and never looked like losing any of them.

Kerkhof has also contributed to great team performances from Porsche too, setting record-breaking pace in Monza to win both the Relay and Team races.

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The Dutchman has been a part of the team which has won two out of three relay races that he's been a part of. In the teams races, Kerkhof has always finished in the top half of the standings.

Consistency is key to winning championships, and Porsche will need Kerkhof to be on top form in the remaining three rounds.

Joni Tormala, Red Bull

To be consistently fast under pressure, you have to have a cool persona. Red Bull's Joni Tormala has exactly that and pace to boot as well.

The Flying Finn has been sensational to watch and has been a key player in Red Bull's success so far. Red Bull has won every Team race they've competed in so far, even beating leaders Porsche at the Nordschleife.

v10 r league nordschleife crash round 3
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FLYING FINN: Tormala has had some hairy moments but his speed is unquestionable

In the relay races, Tormala has shown electric pace to aid his team to victory more often than not. Had it not been for a poor setup choice in Germany, Tormala likely would've won that round as well.

Individually though, Tormala has left plenty to be desired. From four entries in the head-to-heads, he's only won one, but that was in the most recent round at Vallelunga, so this could signal a turning point.

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Tormala hasn't been perfect, he has made mistakes at times. These include losing the back end in his head-to-head at Monza, which cost his team a championship point to minnows Fordzilla.

Every driver is still getting to grips with their cars but the raw pace of Tormala is clear to everybody who has watched this series so far.

Kevin Siggy, BMW

BMW have shown flashes of brilliance but haven't quite had the consistency to challenge the top teams yet. However, some of their drivers have been fantastic, including Kevin Siggy.

BMW Racing Point Nordschleife Round 3 V10 R-League season 1
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URPRISE OF THE SEASON: Siggy has been a revelation at BMW

Siggy is an unusual driver in the V10 R-League, in that he doesn’t have the same pedigree as most of his competitors. That hasn’t mattered though, as the Slovene has consistently been one of the quickest drivers in the field.

Siggy’s record is remarkable, winning all but one head-to-head contest this season so far. That single loss was against Porshce's Ben Cornett as well, who has been very good himself this campaign.

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Siggy has been successful when competing alongside his team-mates too, almost always finishing in the top half of the team races. This includes a win at Brands Hatch too, Siggy was on another level there.

Siggy has been unlucky at times, such as when Racing Point's Blakeley punted him off at the Nordschleife in Round 3. If BMW is to catch Williams and Porsche, Siggy will be key to this.

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