Hotshot Racing: Release date announced, Xbox Game Pass, Price, Switch, PS4 & more

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Hotshot Racing, developed by Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital, finally has a release date!

We have been eagerly anticipating this retro racer and now there is finally a firm date to look forward to.

Hotshot Racing release date & price

Fortunately we don't have to wait long for Hotshot Racing to arrive.

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ARCADE & 60FPS: Hotshot Racing looks throwback but brings the modern graphics

The release date is set for 10 September.

It will be available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 at the amazing price of just £15.99.

Hotshot Racing on Xbox Game Pass

There is even bigger news too, which is that Hotshot Racing will be on Xbox Game Pass from launch day!

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NEVER GAME ALONE: Up the chaos with four-player split-screen action!

That means on 10 September Xbox One players that have Xbox Game Pass will be able to play as part of their ongoing subscription.

New trailer

Along with the launch date, a new trailer has dropped.

This gives a feel not just for the gameplay but also the multiplayer aspect, including split-screen!

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Both the single-player and the Cops & Robbers element look amazing.

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