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26 Feb 2020

Hotshot Racing: The Retro Racer coming to PC, Console, & Switch - Trailer, Release Date, Game Modes & more

Hotshot Racing: The Retro Racer coming to PC, Console, &
Switch - Trailer, Release Date, Game Modes & more

Forget about ultra-realism, this throwback racing game promises to spark joy in a world of sims.

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What is Hotshot Racing?

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Options, game modes, & style

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Release date

The racing genre can often rely too heavily on amazing visuals and ultra-realistic handling over pure fun.

While Mario Kart 8 is still out there bringing the entertainment to a sim-heavy world, racers need more than that to blow off some steam with friends.

Forget about balancing tyre wear and fuel consumption, because Hotshot Racing is here to remind us all that racing games can be fun too.

What is Hotshot Racing?

hotshot racing screenshot gameplay

SIMPLICITY AND STYLE: There is nothing like this available today

Developed by Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital, HotShot Racing is a colourful, retro-inspired racing game that channels classic arcade racers.

With visuals that echo some of the oldest racing games around and boost-fuelled drift gameplay it brings the style of 90s racers with a modern twist.

Options, game modes, & style

Hotshot Racing looks to emulate and expand upon the classic 90s arcade racing game formula. It features eight different hotshot drivers to choose from, each with their own personality and multiple four-wheeled rides, and 16 tracks from across the globe along with multiple game modes for players to prove their driving prowess.

There is a 60 FPS single-player mode, online multiplayer, and that rarest of things - split-screen mode!

“When we first played Hotshot Racing we were immediately transported to the halcyon days of our youth when we used to pop 50p coins into classic arcade racers like Virtua Racing, Crusin’ USA, SEGA Rally and others that used to punctuate seafronts across the UK” said Simon Byron, Curve Digital’s Publishing Director. “It’s fantastic to see this type of gameplay make a triumphant return and we can’t wait to see what people make of it!”

hotshot racing characters

A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES: Which character will you choose?

The different game modes on offer include:

  • Traditional Grand Prix mode
  • Time Trial
  • Cops and Robbers - Criminals need to evade capture to secure a big cash bonus whereas the police need to take them down
  • Drive or Explode - Players need to race to checkpoints to avoid exploding

Release date

Hotshot Racing is slated to hit the shelves in Spring 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

No price is quoted just yet, but if it delivers the kind of speed-filled entertainment the trailer promises then no price is too high.