DRIFT21: Slide your way to glory - Early access date, tuning, cars, tracks, steam

Want to escape the usual racing game and find something new? Welcome to DRIFT21!

505 Games and developer ECC Games S.A are combining to give you the chance to slide your way to glory in the new drifting simulation game DRIFT21. It puts you behind the wheel of your very own drift racing car as you take on Japan’s legendary EBISU circuits.

This isn't your normal F1 2020 racer, get ready to smoke the competition and drift your way to glory!


Choose from a range of fully licensed cars and fine tune your dream drifting machine right down to the smallest engine parts to gain every advantage when on the track.

DRIFT21 is set to deliver an unparalleled driver experience creating a new level of realism.

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Thanks to stunning visuals and vehicle handling and by using 3D scanning techniques, the development team were able to recreate real drift tracks from around the world in amazing detail.

Steam early access launch & price

You can get your hands on DRIFT21 via the Steam early access program from 7 May, 2020.

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SIDEWAYS: Perfecting the drift is always tricky

The game, only available on PC via Steam, will set you back £22.49 ($24.99/€24.99), which is a very nice price point for a game that promises to be a ton of fun.

Launch content

Tune your dream drift car, change parts, boost performance and show your skills on Japan's legendary EBISU circuits!

During the Early Access launch the team at ECC Games S.A will be constantly updating and adding new features to DRIFT21 such as new tracks, cars, game modes (including multiplayer) and refining key features based on feedback and suggestions from the community.

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WHERE DO YOU GO?: Tuning your ride is key

At launch DRIFT21 will offer the following:

  • Car tuning garage, over 750 parts and extensive paint shop mode.
  • A practice mode that allows you to practice your drifting skills. 
  • More than 20 challenges in various game modes. 

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