PUBG Mobile Season 22: Everything you need to know about what's coming next

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PUBG Mobile is getting another update soon and we have everything you need to know about what this means for Season 22, the next monthly Royale Pass, and the game itself. Tencent has opted to start calling PUBG Mobile seasons things like "Cycle 1 Season 2" following its reinvention of PUBG Mobile's Royale Pass... Things can get a bit confusing. Hopefully, this will shine some light on what's going on.

RELEASE DATE - When does the next update drop?

At the moment, we don't know for sure when PUBG Mobile's 1.6 Update - which should start what we're calling Season 22 - will drop. We can make an educated guess though, based on the fact that PUBG Mobile is updated roughly every two months.

The most recent PUBG Mobile update was released a couple of days before the previous Royale Pass ended - With this in mind, we could see PUBG Mobile's 1.6 Update drop around September 10th.

This would be just about two months after PUBG Mobile's 1.5 Update, so it all lines up.

ROYALE PASS - When does M3 actually start?

The next Royale Pass - which can be interpreted as the start of Season 22 - is going to start around September 18th. We don't have a confirmed start date just yet, but the current Royale Pass is due to expire on September 16th and there's usually a couple of days between them.

In the YouTube video below, you can check out some of the leaks for what we could see in Royale Pass M3 - the next one to start - and M4 - the one after:

The following is just a selection of the items you might be able to unlock over the next couple of months:

  • Lone Wolf Cover
  • Deep-Fried Set
  • Taco Ornament
  • Veggie Carton Backpack
  • Deadly Cabbage Grenade
  • Fruit Splash Finish
  • Supermarket Sale Parachute
  • Twist Dance emote

PATCH NOTES - Everything we know so far

These aren't the final Patch Notes, but here's what we have learnt from PUBG Mobile's 1.6 Update Beta ahead of the release of the update itself.

  • New Game Mode
    • Flora Menace
  • New Gameplay Features
    • Rejuvenation Barrier
      • Health Boost areas that appear in Urban Area
    • Cell Matrix
      • Erangel Only, a teleporter that transports the player to the Cell Matrix Mothership - Can be used to earn Nacore Chips and call in DynaHex Supplies.
  • DynaHex Supplies
    • Additional Combat Supplies that will be dropped at designated areas through a DynaHex Supply Cell
  • Returning Modes
    • Infection
    • Survive Till Dawn
    • Metro Royale Reuinion
  • Removed Modes
    • Payload
    • Vikendi
  • Optimised Features
    • Hit Effects
    • Control Schemes & Basic Controls

We should see something more solid from PUBG Mobile in the next few days - There's going to be a whole lot more than what's been stated above.

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