*UPDATED* PUBG Mobile Season 15 Countdown - Trailer, Release Date, Royale Pass, Skins & more

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PUBG Mobile Season 15 has arrived!

Here's all the info as you look to get that chicken dinner.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Trailer

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Season 15 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 15 arrived on Tuesday, 15 September.


Every PUBG Mobile season has its own theme, influencing the appearance of the Royale Pass.

It's a very futuristic theme this Season, with rumours that S15 would be on the moon ultimately false.

Royale Pass

The Royale Pass offers a load of unlockable rewards you can achieve by playing the game and levelling up!

pubg mobile s15 royale pass
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RANK UP - These are just some of the items you can unlock in the Royale Pass

The Royale Pass costs 600 UC (in-game currency), which is worth around 775 Indian rupees, £7.87, or $10.36.

There is also the Elite Royale Pass, which offers even more options for each new PUBG Mobile season.

This costs 1800 UC, or roughly 2325 Indian rupees, £23.60, or $31.10.

Rewards from the Royale Passes include cosmetics such as skins, emotes, profile images and more.

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