Daily PS5 News: SIE offer up a new look at Returnal

Looking for all the latest PlayStation and PS5 news for today? We've got you covered with a PS5 stock update included!

PS5 Stock Updates

Although it's still a little tough getting your hands on a PS5 console, early April is looking promising as reports are showing that Smyths is looking to restock very soon.

However, if there aren't any stock drops today then we aren't expecting any until after Easter Monday, April 6th at the earliest.

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CEX and eBay both still have some second-hand PS5 consoles in stock but they are selling for more than the RRP and you need to be careful what you're paying for with them.

April 2021 PS Plus

Yesterday, PlayStation revealed their full April 2021 PS Plus lineup and there are a few great games coming to the service on April 6th.

Abe's next adventure, Oddworld: Soulstorm is the PS5 title this month. However, both Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War will also be available via backwards compatibility.

Days Gone is already part of the PS Plus Collection, so if anything this can just be a reminder that you should give it a go! It's been optimised for PS5 with a few minor upgrades that help refine the experience.

Returnal Hands-On Preview

Returnal is the next big PlayStation exclusive game and we've got a brand-new hands-on preview ahead of its' April 30th launch.

" With her ship downed but her suit’s systems still active and tracking the broadcast, Selene sets off, armed with only a sidearm and a scientist’s tenaciousness. Between the signal’s origin and her are multiple biomes, each a labyrinth of interconnected areas."

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In the latest PlayStation Blog Post that details what's in store, we get a great look at Returnal's combat and gameplay alongside new information about how Returnal makes the most of the PS5's technology.

We also get a little bit more information about Selene, the protagonist of this wild adventure.

" Explorative platformer, action shooter, roguelike, psychological horror. Returnal splices these disparate strands together with elegance."

Returnal is coming to PS5 consoles as the next PS5 exclusive on April 30th.

Game Updates & New Releases

Earlier, it was confirmed that Brewmaster is coming to PlayStation in 2022 and we got a first look at what's in store.

This therapeutic puzzler is about more than just the beer, it's about the process behind it and getting everything spot-on for that perfect brew!

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In addition to this, FIFA 21 is still working through its' FUT Birthday event with new SBCs daily and updated objectives which give players a chance to get their hands on some epic new cards.

Final Fantasy 14 Online is also getting a next-gen upgrade for the PS5 with an Open Beta coming April 13th. This will include an improved framerate, better loading times, 4K visuals and DualSense support.

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