Daily PS5 News & Stock Update for April 21st

Looking for all the latest PS5 news and a PS5 stock update? We've got you covered.

PS5 Console Stock Update

If you're looking for a PS5 still, we have some bad news for you today. Sorry!

Stock shortages are still hitting all the major UK retailers hard and there doesn't seem to be any new PS5 consoles in stock anywhere. StockInformer confirms this for both the Standard Edition and Digital Edition of the console.

The earliest anyone is expecting stock is at the start of May, if not later into next month.

Alternatively, you can check out CEX and eBay for second-hand PS5 stock. This is often priced above the RRP, so be careful with what you're getting if you decide to go down this route.

PS Plus Movie Pass

According to reports from VGC, a logo for a PlayStation Plus Video Pass service was published on the Polish-Langauge Sony website earlier today with the following description:

" A new benefit available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus… PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active 22.04.21 – 22.04.22. The subscription benefit is available to PS Plus users in Poland."

As you might imagine, it has now since been removed but it raises an interesting question about what this could mean. There's no word on whether this is a local or global service, but after the announcement that the PS Store would be stopping the sale of both TV shows and movies...

PS5 News Today PS Plus Movie Pass Polish Site Leak
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FREE MOVIES? - Would this be a good move for PS Plus to make?

Could we see all of this rolled into the PS Plus service? This could be a good way for Sony to try and match Xbox Game Pass in terms of appeal, though.

Warzone "Nuke Event"

It's been a season in the making... Finally, the Warzone "Nuke Event" is going to start. It's going to be a four-part in-game event and no one knows exactly what's going to take place.

There are rumours that Verdansk is going to get Nuked and it seems like an 80's version of the map is all but confirmed officially. You can see when things are due to kick off in the Tweet below:

If that wasn't clear, though, we have the timings below:

  • Stage 1: 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST (April 21) to 17:00 EST / 22:00 BST (April 21)
  • Stage 2: 17:00 EST / 22:00 BST (April 21) to 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST (April 22)
  • Stage 3: 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST (April 22) to 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST (April 22)
  • Stage 4: 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST (April 22) to 16:00 EST / 21:00 BST (April 22)

Chivalry 2 Closed Beta

The long-awaited Chivalry 2 is slowly edging closer to release and there's new footage and information about the upcoming Closed Beta now available.

If you pre-order the title on PS4 or PS5, you can get access to the Cross-Play Closed Beta on April 23rd. This will run until April 26th and is a guarantee with every pre-ordered copy.

" Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person slasher launching June 8 that throws players into the thick of epic, medieval warfare. Fight in massive 64-player battles across a variety of maps that feel straight out of the best medieval movies of all time. Whether you’re sieging a walled city to assassinate the heir to the throne, or setting a village on fire while peasants (and chickens) scream in protest – in Chivalry 2 you’ll use the freedom of traditional FPS-style control to become a whirlwind of steel on the battlefield."

In-Game Updates & More

On top of all this, new footage from Marvel's Avengers has been released showcasing the upcoming Tachyon Anomaly event that's running from April 22nd until May 3rd!

In this event, you can play as multiples of the same hero in a series of Tachyon Rift missions designed exclusively for the event! There's also the chance to earn a new Animated Nameplate for participating in the Temporal Assault event. This is just the first major event of the updated Content Roadmap from last month's Square Enix Presents.

In addition to this, a whole eight minutes of footage from Genshin Impact on the PS5 has been shared. Teyvat is looking better than ever and it's just made us excited for the April 28th release date! You can check out the footage in the Tweet below:

We're also a short period away from the TOTS promotion starting on FIFA 21! This is going to kick things off with a Community TOTS squad before going into league-based TOTS card drops. You can check out the voting process below, but there isn't a lot of time left!

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