Where can you buy a PS5 in the UK today?

PS5 stock shortages have been happening since the launch of the console in November 2020 and will likely continue for many more months.

But, retailers are slowly getting more consoles in, just they get snapped up almost immediately.

Here is all of the latest PS5 stock news and when you can expect to be able to buy one next.

LATEST - Expected Restock Dates In The UK

May was quite a busy month for restocks, with most retailers receiving new stock.

The first half of June should be quite busy too, with many retailers receiving new consoles.

Here are the expected restock dates for each store.

  • Smyths Toys - June 3 to June 4
  • John Lewis - June 8
  • Studio - June 8 to June 10
  • ASDA - June 8 to June 10
  • Very - June 8 to June 10
  • Scan - June 11
  • Argos - June 21 to June 24

One thing to note is, these are the expected dates that the stores will receive consoles, not sell them, so we can expect a few days lag before they get posted on their respective websites.

No Longer Profitable

Due to the recent reduction in selling price at CEX, and the lower selling prices on eBay, it is no longer profitable for scalpers to sell the PS5 on these platforms.

CEX will now just give £450 for a boxed PS5, the same price as the console costs to purchase.

eBay still sees the console sell for around £550-600, but this is far lower than the £900 the console was selling for just a few weeks ago.

PS5 UK Stock - Instant Updates recently tweeted that,

"Due to recent drops, its unprofitable to sell a PS5 to CEX! Average prices for a PS5 on eBay have dropped to £550!"


CEX is a chain brand that sells used entertainment items from games, films, computer parts, mobile phones and more.

Because of this they don't have to follow pricing laws and can instead set their own laws.

They do sell both versions of the PS5, but be prepared to pay more than RRP for them.

At the time of writing the prices are:


Like CEX, if you're prepared to pay more than RRP and aren't that bothered whether the box has been opened before, then Ebay is one place to consider.

One thing to note is, since you may be dealing with individual sellers there may be a risk involved, so be prepared for that before you bid/purchase.

You can find the consoles here:

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