Sony State of Play PREDICTIONS: What we think will be shown during the event

Even though we've not been given much time to get excited, whenever a new State of Play event is on the horizon, it starts to feel like Christmas morning!

We're incredibly excited for what is only being advertised as a 20-minute showcase primarily focusing on Japanese studios but with updates from worldwide developers.

So, we're sticking our necks out to pick out one game we want to show up during the event and one we think will be present. Let's see what outlandish guesses we come up with!

Sony State of Play Predictions

Kicking off the predictions will be me, Niall. When it comes to what I want from this State of Play event, it's a Hogwarts Legacy release date. Show me something to change my mind that this game is in development hell!

As for what I think we'll see, there should be the announcement of another big first-party title coming to PC. We don't know what Nixxes are working on but it could be Bloodborne, Spider-Man or even a Horizon: Forbidden West PC port.

Next Up is Tom!; I’d love to hear what Naughty Dog are working on next during today’s State of Play. Whether it’s something completely new, an Uncharted spin-off, or news on the long-awaited The Last of Us Part 2 multiplayer, I’ll be excited.

Being a little more realistic, I think we’ll see more of Final Fantasy XVI. It may still be a little early for a concrete release date, but a new trailer showcasing some gameplay is pretty likely to feature.

Finally, it's time for James' predictions; I think we're really likely to see another PC port, perhaps even a hint at the long-awaited Bloodborne release.

I'd love to see news on the KOTOR remake or a tease for BloodBorne 2 although I'll admit, this one is very out there.

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