Bloodborne 2 to be shown at Sony State of Play?

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Bloodborne 2 is probably an ambitious title to be asking for so soon after Elden Ring but we're greedy, what else can we say?

The original Bloodborne game captivated audiences with its challenging souls-like gameplay and gothic aesthetic, but where's the sequel? From Software has a die-hard fanbase that needs a new game.

From one event to the next, The Game Awards has rolled around with another chance for From Software to make some sort of announcement regarding the Bloodborne IP.

LATEST - Remake, PC Port or Sequel during State of Play?

The arrival of another Sony State of Player event - especially one focused on Japanese studios - gives From Software the perfect opportunity to announce Bloodborne 2, as a PS5 upgrade or the log-awaited PC port.

The Game Awards doesn't offer a lot

The cycle continues and another industry event has come and gone without any Bloodborne 2 news from From Software. There was another insight into Elden Ring, the next souls-like from From Software and both Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin. You can check out what we were treated to below:

Bloodborne 2 remains a game we can only dream of - you have to wonder if it's ever coming at this point.

Could we get Bloodborne news at The Game Awards?

The Game Awards is steadily becoming one of the biggest and best events in the gaming calendar so it only seems fit that we could hear more about such a highly anticipated game there.

Unfortunately, it seems like Elden Ring is still the focus for From Software meaning the best we're likely to get is the confirmation of a PC port, although this also seems unlikely.

No Reveal for Bloodborne 2 at PlayStation Showcase

As expected, Bloodborne 2 may still be too far away to have been revealed during the PlayStation Showcase.

Once From Sotfware release Elden Ring, they will be able to assign more resources to their next project which could very well be another Bloodborne game.

Will Bloodborne 2 be at the PlayStation Showcase?

In short, it's highly unlikely. While From Software are not always a one project team, with Elden Ring taking priority at the moment, it's hard to imagine Bloodborne 2 gets announced just yet.

The glimmering hope for those expecting that game might be that due to Elden Ring releasing in January 2022, pre-production may have begun on their next title. If this title turns out to be another Bloodborne game, then an announcement is possible.

At best, a reveal teaser, much like the original games teaser trailer from E3 2014. There was no gameplay or content shown. In fact, nothing shown was necessarily related to the final product. It just set a tone for all future announcements and reveals.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date

Even in a world where Bloodborne 2 is revealed with a substantial trailer, we don't see the release coming any sooner than 2023. From Software like to take their time with projects and we often get a few looks at the game before it releases.

Bloodborne 2 PS5
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Many people rate Bloodborne as one of the best PlayStation game of the last generation

The exception to this was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which seemed to be handled a little differently. It was revealed at E3 2018 and released less than a year later. We're always open to some huge surprises in the showcase events, but a new Bloodborne and soon-ish release date would be insane.

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