Horizon Forbidden West Stillsands Tallneck Guide: How to Weigh It Down

Once you reach the desert in Horizon Forbidden West, you'll want to reveal everything nearby. The Stillsands Tallneck will be close, but you'll need to work out how to override it. We have a guide on the Stillsands Tallneck in Horizon Forbidden West to help you with the puzzle.

How Tallnecks Work

As was the case in Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West's map is covered in two levels of fog, one of which is thicker than the other. The thick level is removed by overriding Tallnecks around the map, like claiming radio towers in the likes of Far Cry.

Therefore, you'll want to head out and override the Tallnecks as soon as you can to see what's around you.

Horizon Forbidden West Stillsands Tallneck Guide

The Stillsands Tallneck can be found out in the desert and you'll find that Rebels have been trying to bring it down with harpoons.

To override it, you'll want to do the same, but that requires finding the three weights to fire at it. They're a little lost in the sandstorm, so you'll have to look around a bit. We'll detail where they are below so that you can find them quickly.

Finding the Three Ballista

The first one is at the northern end of the Tallneck's loop. It's close to the Tallneck, so jump on it by pressing square, then aim and fire the weight at it.

You'll know it's connected when the anchor to the right of the Ballista has moved to the Tallneck.

horizon forbidden west, stillsands tallneck
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The second one is in the middle of the camp, facing North on the map. It's on the longer side of the Tallneck's loop. Head towards the main part of the desert and you'll find it easily.

horizon forbidden west, stillsands tallneck
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The third is the hardest to find. It is by the cliffs on the opposite side of the camp and you'll need to climb onto a little platform to get to it. There will be some machines around it, so be wary.

horizon forbidden west, stillsands tallneck
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Overriding the Stillsands Tallneck

Then, all you need to do is hear over to the Tallneck and override it by holding square. It'll be on the ground, so no climbing will be required.

The surrounding area will then be revealed on the map and you can head out to explore it.

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