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It's been six years, but with Next Gen coming, it's time we saw a sequel from FromSoftware.

Bloodborne was one of the finest games released on PS4, with the exclusive title receiving a highly impressive 92/100 score on Metacritic.

Ever since, the demand for a sequel has been high – and that could become a reality with the PlayStation 5 arriving later this year.

We look at everything you need to know about a potential Bloodborne sequel.

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Release Date

Japanese developers FromSoftware are currently working on Elden Ring, an open-world title which is expected to take elements of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro. Expect it to an absolute smash.

Elden Ring, which has had A Song of Ice and Fire (TV’s Game of Thrones) author George RR Martin as part of the writing team, hasn’t had a release date announced, despite being unveiled at E3 in 2019.

With no release date for FromSoftware’s upcoming title, don’t expect any date to arrive for Bloodborne 2 any time soon.

At best, we could get a release in late 2021, but a 2022 arrival, or even beyond, seems to be likely.


What that potential release date does tell us though, is that Bloodborne will arrive on the PlayStation 5.

The PS5’s release date is “Holiday 2020”, meaning that next-gen gaming will arrive this November.

FromSoftware will want time to work with the PS5 once it has been released. So, it’s likely that no development will begin on the game until the new console is with us.

BACK FROM THE DEAD: Is there any chance we could see Bloodborne 2 appear on Xbox?

It’s bad news for Xbox players though, as the original Bloodborne was only available on PS4. So except the sequel to only feature on PS5, so PC players will miss out too.

Elden Ring is set to arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, however, so just maybe Bloodborne 2 will be available to all, if and when it arrives.

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Dark Souls, the sequel to Demon Souls was made available on Xbox, so there is a chance for Bloodborne to follow suit.

Sony owns the Bloodborne IP and trademark, however, so any hope of it appearing on another console is slim.


We can hope to see some form of Bloodborne 2 trailer next year, with perhaps E3 2021 in June the most likely time for one to appear.

For now, take a look at the Elden Ring trailer.


A demo was playable for those at Gamescom back in 2014, so perhaps FromSoftware will use the European version of E3 to do the same this time around.

Gamescom takes place every August, so if the trailer is revealed next summer at E3, maybe a first hands-on event could occur a few months later.

Despite the Gamescom demo, there was not a trial released for public play.


The one criticism you would have of Bloodborne is that it is too similar to Dark Souls.

The setting may have been different, but with similar RPG and exploration mechanics, there was not enough different.

You navigated a vast hostile world, killed huge enemies and bosses, all of which could be said of the Dark Souls franchise.

IDENTITY: The Bloodborne teams need to work on the sequel being less like Dark Souls

A refined combat system was what made Bloodborne stand out, however.

Without a shield, you had to be more adventurous in your attacks, without the safety net of defence. Throw in the ability to recover lost health if you counter-attack immediately, and combat scenes were electric.

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If FromSoftware can distance Bloodborne 2 even further than Dark Souls (which they surely must do after the release of Elden Ring), with new combative strikes – then it could be a real winner on PS5.

Camera issues

The camera couldn’t always keep up in Bloodborne, with even the protagonist “The Hunter” being killed when off-camera.

TRAPPED: Imagine not being caught off-camera against this beast

This should be a straightforward correction for FromSoftware, so you can always see your enemy and not end up cornered.

Weapon improvements

Unlike Dark Souls, Bloodborne introduced guns as a primary weapon. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite powerful enough, so you would resort to swordplay.

GLOVES ARE OFF: Combat still has a way to go in Bloodborne

More variation with guns with a more damaging effect would make a huge difference.

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