PGA Tour 2K21: HB Studios Producer Shaun West on Post-Launch Reaction, Difficulties, New Modes & more

PGA Tour 2K21 was released back in August, and it's gone down a treat with golf fans.

It's the first time that 2K has been able to develop a full golf title, and producer Shaun West has been "so excited" by the reaction that the game has got from players across the globe.

We chat to him about the reaction so far as well discussing the all-new features coming to the game this week.

Post-launch reaction

As we've already mentioned, this is the first full game that 2K has developed alongside the PGA Tour, and West spoke of his joy at being able to work with the pair at length.

"Having an opportunity to put together a full development cycle with 2K and the PGA Tour has been really exciting."

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"On the Golf Club featuring PGA Tour in 2019 2K came on quite late to help push it across the line so this was our first full-fledged project with 2K and PGA Tour and it's been an amazing road to get to the release."

"Seeing the general reaction to the game and people loving it with the changes that we made it's just been a crazy ride and I can't say enough about the feedback that we've had, it's been amazing in pushing us forward through post-launch."

A game for everyone

The reaction from the big names in the Twitch community has pleased West, but he also expanded on the new accessibility features and settings that make it a go-to for anyone, regardless of your golfing experience.

"The reaction across the board has been really pleasant."

"We put so much effort into trying to improve the accessibility and onboarding experience of the product and opening up the range of skills that could be introduced to people throughout their experience."

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"Whether you have a deep experience of golf or golf games there's something in there in the settings that lets you pick up and play this and we've seen that draw a ton of new players to the game."

"The PGA Tour experience has been amazing, it gets tons of attention from all aspect of the players whether they are casual or hardcore and we're seeing some interest in the online side of it too."


Whether you're a golf novice or a seasoned veteran, the range of difficulties makes the game enjoyable for anyone, with West suggesting that it could even be more difficult than going and playing your own round of golf!

"There is a wide range of options available, especially if someone has an interest in golf."

"Whether they follow the PGA Tour or they just go out and whack the ball about with their friends on a weekend there is a really great experience there."

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"Whether your starting on beginner and want to shoot ten or 20 under par that experience is there for you and we also have the option to go the other end where the game is punishingly difficult and it's harder than actually going out and playing your own round of golf!"

"It (the range of difficulties) makes it such an easy thing for someone to come in and pick up and play"

"There's such a wide range of options available that anyone can find an opportunity to have some fun with it."

Fast-paced Online Play

The latest update focuses on improving the online features within the title, and West is hoping the new, quicker modes, will help to draw a bigger crowd to the online gameplay experience.

"A lot of what we've done in the single-player aspect is allowing people to pick up and play the game as they have time available to them."

"You can play through Career Mode and play through five or six holes and then shut it off and comeback anytime."

"You can't really do that on online so we wanted to make sure that people who don't have 20 minutes or an hour to play through online they can get through two or three matches in 15 or 20 minutes."

"Hopefully this draws a bigger crowd to that online gameplay experience."


The range of customisation options for your MyPLAYER has expanded in the latest update. West ran us through the new options for your golfer out on the course.

2K Adidas Apparel 1
expand image
ON POINT! You'll be looking the business in the new Adidas apparel

"We've got some great new Ralph Lauren apparel that's dropping in MyPLAYER Pro Shop and we've also got quite a bit of Adidas apparel that's going to show up in there."

"This includes an exclusive 2K and Adidas crossover polo that you can go online and purchase a limited quantity of as well."

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