Will there be a PES 2021?

A recent tweet has got PES fans wondering what could be in store for PES 2021 in the future. Keep reading to find out more.

Will PES 2020 be updated to PES 2021?

The tweet posted by eFootball PES, reads that 'Konami intends not to work with PES 2021 and will be working on PES 2020 from now on.'

It goes on to read that PES 2020 will be updated to PES 2021.

PES 2022
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INTERESTING IF TRUE: While not confirmed, it could be seen as an exciting move.

There is a classification for "Efootball PES 2021 Season Update" that has been has approved by the Australian government. This would appear to suggest that PES 2021 could be an upgraded version of PES 2020.

What 'new engine' could they mean?

The apparent 'new engine', if this tweet were to be true, could potentially be Unreal Engine 5.

The impressive game engine was showed off recently with a demo, and gave us a glimpse of what could be achievable in future gaming releases.

The improvements range from being able to 'bounce lighting' from numerous sources off items in real-time, drop film-quality assets straight into games, and enhancing audio dramatically.

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If this is the case, we could be in for a fantastic experience with PES in the future, however, we will have to wait for any official word to find out.

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