eFootball 2022 PS4: Konami offers Cross-Gen & Cross-Platform play with new game

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The release of eFootball 2022 is just days away!

So, check out all the information you need to know about eFootball on PlayStation 4 below, along with how to get exclusive bonuses when you pre order the game.

Latest - eFootball 2022 Pre Order bundle now available

The Pre Order bundle for eFootball 2022 is now available!

Check out the bonuses you'll recieve with the Pre Order bundle below.

The Premium Player Pack Pre Order bundle is priced at £32.99 / $45 on all major consoles.

If you order the Premium Player Pack via Pes 2021 or PES 2021 LITE, you'll receive 10% off the overall cost.

eFootball Release Date

The eFootball release date has now been confirmed!

eFootball 2022 will be released on Thursday, 30 September 2021.

However, we expect the game to be very basic at the time of release, as Konami has warned us it will be 'like a Demo' when it first comes out.

eFootball Trailer

Check out the official reveal trailer below.

The eFootball trailer went live on 21 July 2021.

Unreal Engine

Those worried about what graphics PES 2022 may support on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One don't need to panic.

It is still to be confirmed whether PES 2022 will be running off Unreal Engine 4 or 5, but either way - both will support Previous Gen consoles.

Unreal Engine 5 is set to bring Hollywood level graphics to the video game industry, but we still don't know exactly when Epic Games will roll out.

The improved engine is said to be arriving "late in 2021" but with delays commonplace in the industry thanks to the pandemic, who knows when it could arrive.

The above trailer also shows how Unreal is progressing on "metahumans" - how humans are depicted in video games.

This could be incredibly significant for PES 2022 - bringing the players on the pitch to the next level.

Of course, for top-level graphics and performance you will still want to be playing on PS5 or Xbox Series X, but still expect an improvement on Last Gen consoles for PES 2022.

Option File

The best thing about playing PES (or now eFootball) on PlayStation is the use of Option FIles.

Unlike Xbox, PS4 and PS5 support the use of option files, allowing you to download the unlicensed "official" kits from the community

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GLOBE TROTTING - Pick up unlicensed leagues on PlayStation thanks to Option Files

PlayStation players are effectively able to bypass any licensing issues PES 2022 will have, enabling you to play Premier Leauge, Champions League or World Cup matches should you wish.

For more details about the Option File and how to download it, head here.

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