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06 Apr 2021

PES 2022's Option File gets around licencing issues

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Latest - Two clubs on the way?

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What is an Option File?

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Where can I find an Option File?

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What platforms support Option Files?

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How to download an Option File

The PES series is renowned for having fake names, but no more do we have to deal with the likes of "Merseyside Blue".

In fact, if you want ALL the kits, badges and licenses for all the world's top clubs - PES 2022 is the only game where you can achieve that.

Downloading an option file allows you to attain all the unlicenced kits, which have been made by the community.

Latest - Two clubs on the way?

It looks as if two new partner clubs will be coming to PES 2022, so you may not need an option file for them!

JOIN US - AS Roma became a PES exclusive last year

All signs point towards the clubs coming from Italy, but head here to check out the contenders.

What is an Option File?

An option file for PES titles allows you to download community-created kits and logos to the game, via a computer.

Where can I find an Option File?

Various websites offer various option files - from the Premier League, to La Liga, to divisions not even on PES games like the Bundesliga or MLS.

Some of our favourites include:

What platforms support Option Files?

As things stand, Option Files are only available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

GLOBE TROTTING - You can even download clubs that aren't even on the game

That means you cannot use an Option File on Xbox consoles. This is because they are not compatible with third-party files, unlike PlayStation.

How to download an Option File

Head to the relevant platform for the Option File and download the file of your choice onto your PC.

Save your downloaded files on your PC in a file called "WEPES".

On your console, open up PES and head to Settings > Edit.

This should create "Edit Data", which will automatically make a "WEPES" folder for you to copy Option Files into.


On Steam, the WEPES folder can be found here: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

If you’re not playing on Steam, the folder location should look like this: My Documents > Konami > Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 > WEPES

Copy all files from the downloaded Option File directly into the WEPES file.

Open up PES 2021 and go to to Settings > Edit > Import/Export.

Accept the warning, and click on Import Team.

Hit the command shown to "Select All Files" when the list of files show up on the Select File screen.

After they’ve all been ticked, click through to Detailed Settings, leave all boxes unticked and press OK.

The relevant clubs should now be in your game.

On PlayStation

Put your "WEPES" file onto a USB stick, and insert it into your console.

On PES 2021 perform a "Live Update".

Head into the "Extras" menu in Settings > "Edit" / "Import/Export" > "Import Competition".

Tick all of the files and install them. Then do the same again for "Import Team".

You should now have all the kits, team names and badges for that particular option file.

(Cover Image Credit: EvoWeb)

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