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PES 2021: Is Unreal Engine 5 coming to Next-Gen game?

Konami has confirmed that PES 2021 will arrive as a "season update" for their current game, as the game developers look to focus on their next-gen title.

In fact, Konami has even released a first look trailer for next-gen and it looks like PES could be moving to Unreal Engine 5!

What is the Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine 5 is a brand new game engine from Epic Games.

The new engine looked amazing at the Summer Games Fest and could take the PES franchise to new heights.

Kei Matsuda of Konami had already stated that they do plan on using a new engine for the series “in the future”, and now the latest PES trailer confirms that Konami is testing the new game with Unreal Engine.

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Konami is testing Unreal Engine on PES

Konami has given us a first look at what PES could look like on next-gen and boy, does it look good!

Check out the trailer below:

This next-gen title is being developed with an updated engine (Unreal Engine) that will bring staggering improvements to all areas of the game.

Expect more realistic player models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals, and much much more.

Konami has also confirmed that there will be large updates for both myClub and Master League.

You can find Konami’s full statement here.

When could Unreal Engine run on PES?

Konami aims to begin testing of their next-gen title sometime in mid-2021, with an estimated release date later in the same year.

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That means that we could be seeing PES 2022 arrive on next-gen, utilising the full power of Unreal Engine 5!

If that is the case, it would mark the final nail in the coffin for FoxEngine, as PES 2022 pushes on to offer real competition to the FIFA franchise.

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