eFootball's gameplay trumps EA POWERHOUSE

eFootball 2023

eFootball 2023

A brand new season has arrived in eFootball, with new teams and stadiums added to the game as a part of a new eFootball 2023 re-brand.

This refresh came only weeks before the launch of fifa 23, with EA and FIFA's final collaboration releasing on September 30th.

After some refining and many updates, we checked back on the progress of eFootball and were shocked to see just how far the gameplay has come.

eFootball Gameplay

One of the main things that eFootball gets right is the gameplay.

Character models and general graphics may not be as sharp as FIFA 23, but you've got to remember that Konami offers eFootball for free, and isn't charging £80 for it.

The pace of eFootball's gameplay is the main bonus, with the game feeling far more authentic.

eFootball 2023
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PLENTY OF PROMISE - eFootball is shaking up the industry

Unlike FIFA, players don't just have the option of sprinting past defenders, instead, you have to carefully craft neat passing moves that allow you to cut open the opposition.

Another main tick in the eFootball box is the general positioning of the players, with attackers often dropping deep to receive the ball and defenders tracking runs far better than we've ever seen in EA's game.

The lack of pace in eFootball makes the game feel less arcadey and more realistic, with patient build-up leading to more satisfying goals.

Whilst the gameplay isn't perfect by any stretch, the general foundations showcase plenty of promise, with eFootball set for further expansion in 2023 with the arrival of fan-favourite mode Master League.

EA, Take Note

FIFA 23 no doubt improves the gameplay in many aspects, but recent updates have certainly thwarted some of the progress.

However, with EA Sports FC on the horizon, EA should be looking at the basic elements of eFootball and assessing how they can learn from the free-to-play game.

In truth, we're already seeing a number of these elements translated, with the shooting mechanic and the implementation of over 3,000 unique touches in FIFA 23 set to make the game flow like an actual football match.

eFootball is far from a complete game and, on the whole, definitely doesn't come close to matching FIFA, but the raw elements and gameplay certainly feel like a more pure experience.

Konami has, at least in our minds, trumped EA when it comes to authentic gameplay, and with the high price-point of FIFA, we think football's main powerhouse can do much better.

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