eFootball 2023 Master League: FIVE features we want to see

eFootball 2023 Master League

eFootball 2023 Master League

eFootball 2023 will go to the next level in 2023, with fan-favourite mode Master League confirmed to arrive as paid DLC.

This departure from the free-to-play model certainly means that Konami has big things planned, and here are five things we're hoping to see when this mode returns.

eFootball Master League Wishlist

Master League is returning in 2023, with the offline managerial mode returning for the first time since PES 2020.

A rival to FIFA's Career Mode, Konami could score a major advantage if they listen to the fans and devote the time and care that EA's offering is desperately missing.

Road to Glory

When Master League arrives in eFootball, you know it will be tarnished with the licensing brush, with Konami unable to compete with FIFA in that department.

With that in mind, we'd like to see Master League integrate a true Road to Glory system that allows you to create your own club and truly build a dynasty.

From new commercial deals to stadium development, a genuine rags-to-riches story could be a great way to get fans more involved and forget about the unlicensed sides.

Master League will need to differentiate itself in order to compete and we think this is a great place to start.

More Cut-Scenes

One thing that Master League always did better than FIFA was implementing cut-scenes that were way ahead of their time.

Master League Press Conferences
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SMALL TOUCHES - Master League was always way ahead of FIFA

In fact, many of the cinematics we used to see in the PES series has only just made their way into FIFA 23.

Konami pays close attention to the immersion of their manager mode and including new and variable cut-scenes is a great way to keep Master League fresh and exciting.

In-Depth Recruitment

These next two additions are examples of how mixing playable matches with the immersive features found in the Football Manager series could suit all audiences.

Casual players won't want to trawl through difficult recruitment, but giving die-hard fans the chance to delve deep into the stats before finding the perfect player is a great way to shake things up.

In FIFA, managers have a tendency to sign the best players, but eFootball 2023 could shake things up by bringing a more advanced mechanic to squad recruitment.

Data First

Football Manager 2022 introduced the Data Hub, and we'd like to see a similar type of feature arrive in Master League.

eFootball Master League
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REDEPMTION - Master League could be a major success for eFootball

Allowing you to track the pros and cons of your team's performances, the Data Hub would enable you to make an informed decision on tactical tweaks and fix any obvious issues.

Data is a major part of real-life football, and we'd love to see this level of analytics added to eFootball 2023.

Academy Squads

Deep youth progression is something that Career Mode fans have been calling for for years, and eFootball 2023 could swoop in and get there first.

A true-to-life youth academy system with optional playable matches in smaller grounds or on training pitches would add a different dynamic to Master League and provide a level of care to the newgens produced.

Not all players would choose to utilise this feature, but what could be more satisfying than handing a player his debut in the academy before watching him soar to the top?

Manager modes are all about immersion and we hope - whatever Konami produces - that Master League focuses on the fans and gives us an experience we never want to put down.

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