eFootball 2024 Master League: What We Know So Far

eFootball Master League

eFootball Master League

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One feature that remains missing from eFootball 2024 is Master League, the Career Mode alternative introduced in the PES franchise.

Master League has been in demand for some time now, with players desperate to rekindle their love for Konami's more in-depth manager mode. Konami previously confirmed that Master League would arrive in eFootball in 2023, but no further updates have been provided since.

From a potential release date to all the latest information, check below for everything you need to know about Master League's pending arrival in eFootball 2024.

Latest - Konami remain tight-lipped

eFootball fans have been clamouring for the arrival of Master League for some time, but the silence is deafening when it comes to Konami's free-to-play offering.

After it was previously confirmed that Master League would arrive in 2023, there was hope that it was finally on the way, but the only new offline game mode to arrive turned out to be My League, leaving fans bitterly disappointed.

Master League efootball
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Master League

In November 2023, RealSport101 reached out to Konami for comment on Master League's progress, to which they responded:

"We won't be discussing future updates on an individual basis. KONAMI is committed to evolving the eFootball title and will keep the press informed as and when developments are made."

Master League Leaks

Twitter user Durandil PES previously discovered some new lines of code that provided early indications of what could feature in eFootball 2023.

The code showcases some of the proposed cut-scenes that could feature in Master League, with different members of staff set to feature. A year later, we now know that this never arrived in eFootball 2023, but it does indicate that Master League is in the works.

Master League has always been well known for the implementation of cut scenes and it's looking increasingly likely that we will see these return in the eFootball version when it finally drops.

Speculated Release Date

As of right now, there is no confirmed release date for Master League in eFootball.

However, considering Konami previously stated that the mode would arrive in 2023, we predict that it could now be released in 2024 after being pushed back.

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Master League

Master League Price

Konami has confirmed that the game mode will arrive as paid DLC, a departure from the game's free-to-play model.

Of course, it will be good to see Master League return, but we're intrigued to see how it's priced.

No price has been confirmed yet, and we will update this page as soon as we know more.

Master League New Features

No features have been confirmed for Master League yet, with Konami keeping their cards close to their chest.

With no specific date as to when eFootball will launch Master League, and no price indicated, we're not sure just how long we'll have to wait for further news regarding the mode.

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