Pokemon Unite Leaks: New Pokemon Aegislash Release Date and Moveset Revealed

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New Pokemon Unite leaks have revealed the identity of the next Pokemon arriving on Aeos Island, the Ghost-Metal type Aegislash. Aegislash would be the second Ghost Type in a row, following the arrival of Trevenant.

Introduced in Generation VI, Aegislash is a huge fan favorite. His role in Pokemon Unite will be an All Arounder.

Aegislash is expected to arrive along with the new Battle Pass - and it's one you don't want to miss!

Release Date

According to the leaks, Trainers can expect Aegislash as part of the Sa Valentin update on February 14, 2022.

This timeline would mean a second new character in less than a month with the launch of Trevenant.


Based on data-mining, trainers will obtain the Aegislash License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 530 Aeos Gems.

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Aegislash Kit

Aegislash Pokemon Unite Moves
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SHOW OFF: Aegislash's Pokemon Unite move look fantastic

Type: All-Rounder (Melee) Difficulty: Difficult

Evolution: Honedge Lv. 1 - Doubleblade Lv. 5 - Aegislash Lv. 7

Aegislash is introducing a new mechanic in Pokemon Unite. Based on the gameplay leak. Aegislash will have his signature ability to change instances.

y Using one type of ability will change Aegislash into Sword Form. The other type of ability will change to the Shield Form instance.

Additionally, Aegislash's abilities can be charged to increase the Defense or the Damage.


Based on the gameplay from the leak by Chicoevee from the Japanese Beta Version, we can speculate certain moves:

Unite Move

  • Night Slash: The signature move of Aegislash in Pokemon X Y is a physical attack with high Crit. Rate ratio. We can expect a High DMG Output.

Other Moves

  • Shadow Sneak: Change to Sword instance. Make a dash inflicting DMg to the opponent Pokemon in its path.
  • Iron Defense: Change to Shield instance. Increases Aegislash Defense.
  • King Shield: Protects the user from damage and knocks back enemies. The move can be charged, increasing the effects.
  • Sacred Sword: Inflict high AoE DMG knocking back enemies in their direction.

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