Pokemon Unite: Trevenant Best Build, Tips & Tricks

Trevenant is the first character to join Pokemon Unite in 2022. The Ghost- Grass Type Pokemon is a Defender that will bring a new playstyle to the game to kick off the new year.

Trevenant's abilities will produce damage and crowd control at the cost of some of his HP. This makes Trevenant a risky character while rewarding good strategic decisions.

Here's our guide on the best Trevenant Build and some tips and tricks to dominate your next games on Pokemon Unite's newest character.

Release Date

Trevenant was released during the Pokemon Unite version, which went live on January 19, 2022.


Trainers can obtain the Trevenant License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Trevenant Best Build Guide

Trevenant is a Melee Defender with powerful hindrances at the cost of some of his HP. The loss of HP is balanced with tricky HP recovery skills.

Here's how to get the most out of this unique new Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.

Choosing Your Lane

Trevenant is a Defender whose abilities inflict constant hindrances; therefore, the assistance of an Attacker or All Arounder is an ideal pairing.

The best lane for Trevenant is the bottom lane, defending and supporting the ADC.

Early Game

Trevenant's early game is average. However, he evolves quite early (Lv. 5), getting an advantage from other heroes in the current meta.

Option B: Curse

  • Level 5: Trevenant creates a cursed zone in exchange for some of his HP, dealing DMG over time to enemies inside the area of effect and reducing enemies' movement speed.
  • While using this skill, Trevenant builds up curse power every time produces or receives DMG. If the Curse Power is released when it is complete, it will reset the cooldown of Trevenant abilities.

Trevenant Curse is a double side sword. With enough practice, it will change the course of the battle. Ensure to release the Curse Power as soon as the bar is full for max DMG and the reset of abilities.


Even though Plain Split has good synergy with Curse, in the current state of Trevenant is necessary to have extra recovery of HP.

Option A: Horn Leech

  • Level 7: Treveant charge forward, damaging opposing pokemon in its path, shoving them as it charges, and throwing them by the end of the move.
  • Colliding with an opposing Pokemon while charging recovers the user’s HP. The lower Trevenant HP, the higher the HP recovered.

Horn Leech is also a remarkable ability to avoid enemies from scoring.

Late Game

Trevenant's Unite Move can be cast from a safe position. The buff and debuff of this ability will help to secure objectives and 5v5 Team Fights.

Unite Move: Phantom Forest

  • Level 9: Creates a cursed forest, dealing AoE DMG to opposing Pokémon, throwing them, and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.
  • The Basic Attack of allies will be increased to the opponents hit by this move.
  • Trevenant receives a shield when this Unite Move hits an opposing Pokémon. The protection is more robust the more enemies the unite move hits.

Held Items

  • Buddy Barrier - This held item will give a much-needed boost to Trevenant's survivability.
  • Weakness Policy - Trevenant operates as a punching bag. With this held item, enemies will suffer a more considerable retaliation.
  • Focus Band - The item will make sure Trevenant survive after an extended battle.

Battle Items

  • Potion - The extra healing can make the difference in encounters 1v1. The use of Potion is relatively straightforward.
  • X-Attack - We recommend using this item once you have more experience with Trevenant. X-attack was recently buff. The extra DMG will balance Trevenant defensive abilities.

Trevenant seems a very niche pokemon, not very fittable for playing Solo Q. With the right teammates, Trevenant is a powerful Support unit.

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