Pokemon Unite Duraludon Guide: Best Build, Items, Tips & Tricks

Pokemon Unite's latest addition, the Steel-Dragon type Duraludon, is an attacker with high DMG output.

Duraludon has no evolution, making him ideal for clearing the jungle or aggressively starting the game.

To get the most out of this new Pokemon, here's our guide on the best Duraludon build in Pokemon Unite

Release Date

Duraludon was released in the Pokemon Unite version on March 14, 2022.


The Duraludon License will be available in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

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Duraludon Guide

Duraludon is a ranged Attacker with high burst DMG. The 8th Generation Steel Dragon Pokemon can be played as the Main DPS or be the Jungler.

Type: All-Attacker (Ranged) Difficulty: Intermediate

Evolution: Duraludon has no evolution.

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Choosing your Lane

The best lane for Duraludon is the bottom. The Pokemon can start pushing very fast and secure Drednaw some minutes after giving the team a nice boost.

Duraludon can also clear the jungle with ease, and with solid and long-range attacks, choosing mid-lane is also a viable third option.

Early Game

The most important decision with Duraludon comes before reaching Lv. 5. Both moves, Flash Cannon and Dragon Pulse, are solid options.

Flash Cannon will depend on having excellent positioning and map awareness.

For Dragon Pulse build, timing is the most crucial aspect to apply combos efficiently.

We consider Dragon Pulse is more manageable and just slightly less powerful.

Option B: Dragon Pulse

  • Level 5: Duraludon charges power before dealing AoE damage. Duraludon's movement speed is decreased while charging, but the longer power is charged, the wider the AoE and higher the DMG.
  • After learning this move: a damage marker will be attached to any enemy when Duraludon damages them. Max 5 stacks
  • The more stacks in an enemy, the higher the DMG of Dragon Pulse.


Option A: Dragon Tail

  • Duraludon shoves enemies and moves backward a short distance. The next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.
  • This move ignores obstacles. A maximum of 2 uses can be kept in reserve for this move. There is a 1.1s cooldown between uses.

Dragon Tail is, without a doubt, the superior move. Unfortunately, despite Duraludon's sturdy appearance, as an attacker, it can be somewhat squishy.

Dragon Tail is a defensive move that can create some space while also being good fuel for combinations.

Late Game

Duraludon Unite Move seems, at first sight, not very frightening. However, using it at the right time can change the tide of the battle entirely.

The initial beam, even though flashy, is not the primary source of DMG. Instead, it's really the ATK boost afterward.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that the more enemies the beam hits, the stronger the boost is as well.

Unite Move: Revolving Ruin

  • Level 9: Fire a beam of light at the ground in a sweeping circle around Duraludon. If this beam hits an enemy, damages them and grants Duraludon a shield, and increases Attack by 8% for a short time.
  • Both the shielding effect and the Attack increase are strengthened for each enemy hit by the beam.
  • A burning ring is also left where the beam of light touched the ground; enemies that touch this ring take additional damage every 5s and have their movement speed decreased for a short time.

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Held Items

  • Buddy Barrier - The defensive-held item will give players room for error, and it will help support and defenders in the team.
  • Scope Lens - Duraludon is a Pokemon that hits Crit. attacks pretty often. The scope lens will reward players with higher DMG.
  • Muscle Band - Scope Lens is based on the ATK% of the Pokemon. Therefore, Muscle Band is the perfect Held Item to pair it with.

Battle Items

  • Eject Button - The blink can be a lifesaver in most situations. Players can use it to reach the best positions for attacking or escaping.
  • X-Attack - If you are going for a superlative damage option, the extra attack and speed attack of X-Atack will grant big numbers.

Duraludon is very strong right now. It is possible developers will nerf his abilities in the upcoming days. Keep this in mind before spending your Aeos Coins!

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