Will NHL 23 be on EA Play or Xbox Game Pass?

NHL 23 is closing in on a worldwide release date, but EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers are hoping to gain access as well.

Here's everything we know so far about when and how NHL 23 will be available on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

Will NHL 23 be on EA Play or Xbox Game Pass at launch?

Ever since major titles like MLB The Show started pursuing a Day One Launch on subscription gaming services like EA Play or Xbox Game Pass, fans are clamoring to see if more will do the same.

The answer to whether NHL 23 will be on EA Play or Xbox Game Pass is complicated, as it will indeed be playable but with limitations.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to access the NHL 23 10 hour trial via those services when the Early Access launch arrives.

NHL 23 EA Play Early Access Trial 10 hour
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While the worldwide release date is set for October 14, NHL 23 Early Access will begin for those who pre order the X Factor Edition and for the EA Play Trial on October 11.

Like other EA titles, the NHL 23 10 hour trial is the full version of the game but will become unplayable once the 10 hour time limit has expired.

The full unrestricted version of NHL 23 will not be on EA Play (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes EA Play titles) when the game launches.

When will NHL 23 be on EA Play without the 10 hour trial limit?

If you're not ready to take the plunge and buy a full copy of NHL 23 to enjoy it past the 10 hour trial time limit, then it'll require some waiting.

Exact dates can vary a bit, but EA has been fairly consistent in the last few years by making their core sports titles hit EA Play about six months after release.

As a result, we expect NHL 23 to arrive in full on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the middle of April 2023.

While subscribers can get a taste of the game now and find out how they feel about this year's changes, they'll eventually have to buy the full game or wait several months for NHL 23 to hit EA Play for good.

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