NHL 23 Game Modes: Deep Dive reveals Franchise Mode & World Of Chel updates

The first of hopefully several trailers for the NHL 23 game modes was released today and we're going to show it off below.

Two familiar game modes, World Of Chel and Franchise Mode received a deep dive along with a quick look at the Versus game mode.

Check out the video and decide whether you'll take the ice in these game modes.

NHL 23 Game Modes Revealed

The latest trailer for the NHL 23 game modes features new Franchise Mode mechanics and displays how you can have full control of the schedule.

We'll have the trailer for you below and you'll have to pay close attention to some of the specifics that EA revealed during the video.

We'll talk about some of the NHL 23 game modes and the specifics that were revealed but in the video you'll learn about the following modes:

  • Franchise Mode
  • World Of Chel
  • Versus

That leaves a lot to be desired in terms of Hockey Ultimate Team which was left out but we're guessing that there will be an individual video for that.

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Franchise Mode Notes from EA

Custom Leagues seems to be the main feature of Franchise Mode this year, allowing players complete control, including control over the schedule.

The NHL 23 game modes could continue to receive specific videos, and we're hoping for a complete Franchise Mode deep-dive.

NHL 23 game modes
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FRANCHISE MODE: This is the calender you'll use in NHL 23 Franchise Mode.

The customization extends to roster customization and sharing and the number of teams that you'll be able to have within your custom league.

With the NHL 23 game modes continuing to be revealed, Franchise Mode could be one of the most popular game modes this year.

NHL 23 World Of Chel Updates

World Of Chel didn't receive much of a reveal during this NHL 23 game modes deep dive but there was something important to note.

Cross-Platform Matchmaking will extend through all World Of Chel modes, allowing for faster queue times, and letting you play even more this year.

NHL 23 game modes
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WORLD OF CHEL: Play with friends on separate platforms this year.

Cross-Platform Matchmaking is also completely optional, allowing you to turn if off if you'd rather stick to your own platform. There's also been a new server added to World Of Chel, the North American-Central server.

Another update to the NHL 23 game modes is that World Of Chel Hockey Bags will allow you to open them faster, so you can get to your rewards quicker.

There's a new strategy screen as well, and new customization options for your player and your team with additional loadout slots.

Versus Game Mode Update

Setting your lineup in Versus is going to go much quicker this year after the NHL 23 game modes video detailed some new information.

Now, you'll be able to save your lines and strategies, allowing you to jump right into the next game.

NHL 23 game modes
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NHL 23 VERSUS: Set and save your lineup with ease in NHL 23.

The EA Deep Dive only touched on the Versus game mode quickly, so not much else was revealed besides that.

If there are any more NHL 23 game modes videos in the future, we'll be sure to keep you up to speed.

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