NHL 22 Roster Sharing: New Franchise Mode feature coming in next update

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Roster Sharing is one of the most requested features for NHL 22, and it's finally almost here!

Here's all you need to know about Roster Sharing this year and when it will be live in NHL 22.

LATEST - Patch Notes, Release Time REVEALED

NHL 22 Community Manager Clappy has revealed what's coming in the next NHL 22 update, one that will include the long-awaited Roster Sharing feature.

Beyond just Roster Sharing the update will also tackle some important bugs in its patch notes, so it's a great time to return to NHL 22.

NHL 22 Roster Sharing Release Date

NHL 22 launched over a month ago, and heading into that release one of the big topics of conversation was the addition of Roster Sharing to Franchise Mode.

However, upon announcement, the reveal for NHL 22 Roster Sharing came with a catch as it wouldn't be in the game at launch.

Instead, NHL 22 Roster Sharing was scheduled for an update in December, and we finally know exactly when that update is coming.

NHL 22 Roster Sharing
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COMING SOON: Roster Sharing is right around the corner for NHL 22

The December Title Update bringing Roster Sharing to NHL 22 will land on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

We don't yet know exactly what time of day it will land, but EA traditionally leans towards deploying their Title Updates early in the morning.

In addition, we should see some bug fixes come with the December Title Update, as some players have continued to be plagued by issues since launch.

Will Roster Sharing be cross-platform or bring crossplay to Franchise Mode?

The addition of NHL 22 Roster Sharing is most exciting for Franchise Mode, as die-hard Franchise players were the biggest proponents of this feature.

One big unanswered question is whether or not Roster Sharing will work cross-platform, something that is currently not available in fellow EA Sports title Madden 22's own Roster Sharing.

NHL 22 continued the unfortunate trend of not embracing crossplay, just as Madden 22 did, so unfortunately we're unlikely to see NHL 22 Roster Sharing go cross-platform.

NHL 22 Roster Sharing
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WORK IN PROGRESS: This early glimpse showed us what it could look like

While you'll be restricted to your particular platform, players will be able to upload roster files they've created and download others from the Community Files.

It was mentioned in the feature's reveal that they are planning to have a search function and the ability to "Like" a specific Roster Sharing file, which should allow the best rosters to rise to the top so more people can see them.

My Downloads and Saved Files listed on the screen above may indicate that players will have the ability to download multiple roster files and switch between them.

This could be extra handy if you're trying out multiple roster files to see which one you'd rather use in Franchise Mode.

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