NHL 22 Franchise Mode takes team ownership to new heights

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NHL 22 Franchise Mode brings some great new features to the table this year, and you can try them out now thanks to the EA Play Trial!

Here's everything you need to know about Franchise Mode this year.

LATEST: Try NHL 22 Franchise Mode with EA Play Now


The EA Play Trial has officially arrived, meaning the earliest of early access is available now for all players, even those that don't have a preorder in yet!

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HEAD START: Players can hop into NHL 22 now for 10 hours with EA Play

The NHL 22 EA Play Trial offers 10 hours of unlimited access to the game, including all game modes.

This means players can get a head start in their Franchise Mode save, and try out the new features now!


To participate, all you need is an EA Play subscription, costing $4.99 a month.

New Features

NHL 22 Franchise Mode brings several new features to the table, the most notable being Roster Sharing and X Factors.

These two staple features of sports gaming today add some fantastic depth to Franchise Mode, and will really bring some new excitement to owning your own NHL team this year.

Roster Sharing

Roster Sharing adds a ton of depth to NHL 22 and most especially in Franchise Mode.

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SHAKE THINGS UP: Roster Sharing gives players more flexibility in NHL 22 Franchise Mode

With custom rosters from Roster Sharing comes more flexibility in how players are rated in NHL 22, as well as extra layers like developing future draft classes ahead of time to try out in Franchise Mode now.

However you want to adjust the players in your Franchise Mode save in NHL 22, Roster Sharing will help you along without making you create or edit rosters yourself.

X Factors


NHL introduces one of the most well-received features from Madden, X Factor abilities.

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UNDER THE LIGHTS: Superstars will now stand out more in NHL 22 thanks to X Factors

X Factors in NHL 22 will empower players across shooting, skating, passing, defending, hockey IQ, and goaltending to let the best players stand out on the ice.

With over 50 confirmed X Factor superstar players in NHL 22, you'll see plenty of these abilities in action across all game modes, but they'll matter most in Franchise Mode! This is because you'll be able to see your team's superstars really make a difference the second you bring them in or push them to new heights in their growth.

Whether it's taking that extra step to be an elite scorer or a lockdown defender, NHL 22 X Factors will help stars in Franchise Mode feel truly special and elite.

Seattle Kraken - Expansion Draft

NHL 22 introduces the brand new NHL franchise, the Seattle Kraken!

NHL 22 Seattle Kraken jersey player
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NEW YEAR, NEW TEAM: The NHL is expanding, and the Kraken have risen

This new franchise will shake things up entering your Franchise Mode save - but you'll have options on how you want to include the team, or even if you want to at all.

This is thanks to the new Expansion Draft option, adding a 33rd NHL franchise or simply running with the Seattle Kraken instead.

Through this Expansion Draft you'll be able to pick from a list of players that established teams must offer with only a limited number of protection slots. This gives players a great opportunity to really start from scratch in their NHL 22 Franchise Mode saves.

Pre Order Today!

If you already know you wanna get NHL 22 as soon as possible, you can go ahead and place your pre order today!

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GET KRAKEN: Hit the ice with Early Access if you Pre Order the X-Factor Edition

You can use the following links to pre order NHL 22 right now, including a few with discounts for EA Play members:

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