NHL 22 HUT: Summer of Chel kicks off with Jake Guentzel

If you're looking for more NHL 22 HUT action, we've got a fun day planned for you with the Summer of Chel kicking off soon.

Only one card has been revealed so far, which we'll go over below. However, even more are on the way to Hockey Ultimate Team.

Let's get you up to speed on everything on the way.

NHL 22 HUT Summer of Chel

Announced on July 8, the NHL 22 HUT promo Summer of Chel is just around the corner. The first cards of many were revealed today.

The official reveal is at 5 PM ET on July 8, 2022. This is when all of the cards will be available in Hockey Ultimate Team.

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SUMMER OF CHEL: Grab this 99 OVR card when Summer of Chel debuts

With the first card being the 99 OVR Jake Guentzel of the Pittsburgh Pirates, we should start seeing even more cards revealed for NHL 22 HUT very soon.

In June, the Master's Items were revealed in NHL 22 in June, let's take a look at those as well.

Masters Items for the Stanley Cup

The Masters Items in NHL 22 HUT featured a ton of cards, this inlcudes the 98 OVR Zdeno Chara. Chara plays LD/DFD/LH and is currently in the Stanley Cup Playoff Packs.

When these packs were first revealed, we learned that they cost quite a bit of coins, 85K Coins or 1,700 Points for just a single pack.

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CHARA'S BACK: Grab yourself a 98 OVR Zdeno Chara in HUT 22

Each pack contains 15 NHL 22 HUT items so hopefully, you'll grab yourself one of the top cards. Here's how the pack probability works out:

  • MSP Booster Pack - Round 4 (Untradeable)
    • 86 OVR Master Item = 100%
      • 85K Coins or 1,700 Points
  • Stanley Cup Starter Pack - Round 4 Untradeable
    • 80 OVR+ Player = 100%
    • 83 OVR+ Player = 41%
    • 86 OVR+ Player = 10%
      • 75K Coins or 1,500 Points
  • Stanley Cup Hockey Legacy Pack - Round 4
    • 80 OVR+ Player = 100%
    • 83 OVR+ Player = 41%
    • 86 OVR+ Player = 11%
      • 45K Coins or 900 Points
  • Stanley Cup Playoff Players Pack - Round 4
    • 80 OVR+ Player = 100%
    • 83 OVR+ Player = 41%
    • 86 OVR+ Player = 11%
      • 25K Coins or 500 Points

To learn more about these Master Items in NHL 22 HUT, follow this link.

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