NHL 22 Roster Update (May 12): IIHF World Championship Roster & Ratings Updated

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Another NHL 22 update has been performed, delivering a special roster update to the NHL 22 IIHF World Championship rosters.

With the actual IIHF World Championship beginning soon, we're going to take a look at the latest update to the game.

NHL 22 Update IIHF World Championship Rosters

With the Championship Rosters updated in NHL 22, you can jump into the game and play with the IIF World Championship teams.

This NHL 22 update was released on May 12, 2022, which is perfect because the IIHF World Championships are set to start on May 13, 2022.


An important note is that no Russian teams are included in this update. Future NHL 22 updates will likely continue to exclude these teams as well.

Now let's take a look at what the IIHF World Championship program is all about in NHL 22.


IIHF World Championship

The NHL 22 update that occured just a few weeks ago added players the chance to play out the IIHF World Championship.

There was also a ratings update that was performed in late April. We'll have those changes for you below. In the meantime, head to NHL 22 and play out the entire IIHF World Championship with the team of your choice.

NHL 22 Update
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RATINGS UPDATE: Check out a few players that have moved up recently

Here are a few of the players that received a ratings change during the last NHL 22 update:

  • Cale Makar - 92 OVR +1
  • Alexsander Barkov - 91 OVR +1
  • Igor Shesterkin - 91 OVR +1
  • Robert Thomas - 87 OVR +2
  • Moritz Seider - 86 OVR +1

These are the last patch notes we received in January of 2022:


  • International ruleset gamestyle tuning
  • Blocked passes stat tracking fix
  • Disabled manual one timer when celebrating after a goal


  • Fixed a few cases where hits were not resulting in interference calls
  • Fixed various interception animations where the puck was able to go under the stick since it wasn't flush to the ice
  • Fixed a couple cases where the puck was slipping underneath players unintentionally when performing a diving pokecheck

You can read the rest of the patch notes for that NHL 22 update here.