NHL 21 Patch 1.2 Notes: HUT, CHEL, Franchise, Gameplay & more

NHL 21 is moving fast onto the next update, Patch 1.2.

Let's dive right into the patch notes of this big update.

Update 1.2 Patch Notes

Patch 1.2 brings a ton of gameplay changes, and touches on HUT, World of CHEL, Franchise, and more.

NHL 21 Patch 1 2 Vegas Golden Knights jersey 1
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SHINING ARMOR: The Golden Knights have new jerseys in NHL 21 Patch 1.2

Let's go over the biggest highlights from the patch notes.

General Gameplay

  • New center ice art for the Arizona Coyotes, Ottawa Senators, and Calgary Flames added.
NHL 21 Patch 1 2 Calgary Flames center ice
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FIRE: The Calgary Flames are one of 3 NHL 21 teams with great new center ice art
  • New uniforms added for the Arizona Coyotes, Vegas Golden Knights, Ottawa Senators, and Calgary Flames.
  • Uniforms added for the ECHL, SHL, Liiga, ICE, HockeyAllsvenskan, Nationalliga.
  • Updated shot quality impact for shots when reaching, and and shots in tight to the body.
  • Pickup consistency improved while the puck is around the net.
  • Fixed stick on stick contact being unrecognized.
  • Player alignment fixes post-whistle.
  • Fixed issues where puck control was lost in-between animations.

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  • Hit reactions against the boards are now improved and more noticeable.
  • Pass blocks are fixed to no longer allow pucks through in certain cases.
  • Goalie stance animation improvements.
  • Added glove down butterfly proximity to old school stances.
  • Goalie save animation improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where goalies would reflect the puck off of themselves.
  • Better save selection for goalies.
  • Better AI goalie tracking on the puck.
  • Improved defensive AI to better handle gaps on the rush.
  • Improved weak side defender net coverage.
  • Improved camera angles in certain arenas.

World of CHEL

  • Content for upcoming challenges added.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would softlock if an opponent left too early.

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  • Fixed a crashing issue for post-match screen.
  • Player models will no longer overlap names after games.
  • Player ranks and experience now have a thousand comma to be easily readable.


  • Fixed an issue where defender chemistry was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed the goalie filter when assigning scouts.
  • Correctly labeled LD and C in edit lines screen.

Be A Pro

  • Bench camera improved to have more vision.
  • More leeway for performing well but failing some promises.

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  • Trade Request option added.
  • New conversations added.


  • Fixed a bug where the game would continue after a player's controller disconnected.
  • Fixed a camera zoom issue in HUT RUSH 5v5.
  • Removed the pop up from edit lines before a game.
  • Menu/Options button now advances from edit lines screen.
  • Several bug fixes related to items.
  • Buy Now auction house filter added.
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