Need For Speed Heat: Why we're excited for the next instalment - chases, customisation, trailer

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Playstation's YouTube channel recently released Need for Speed Heat's Official launch trailer onto the internet this week.

The latest NFS will be available to the general public in just a weeks' time, and after gameplay footage had been posted online, the final trailer has been dropped too.

We're going to be diving into the details of this showcase and why we're excited for Heat's release!

Trailer breakdown

There isn't a huge amount to analyse here, after all, the trailer is only just over a minute long, but the overall themes of the game are laid out as clear as day.

From the outset, it's obvious that Heat will aim to be a classic cops v robbers (or in this case, racers) affair. The narrator refers to Palm City as their [the racers] "playground" and a location that the police believe they have control of.

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Everything we've seen so far indicates that this isn't the case, that there's going to be a titanic battle for top dog in this twist on Miami.

We're then treated to a montage of neon-shod cars drifting and racing at night, with the police in hot pursuit. A policeman appears in the background and lays down the law, messages such as "Racing has no place on public roads" and "We will find you, there is no escape" are sent your way. It's clear that you aren't going to like this man nor the police in general, they are the party poopers, after all.

This game has more than a few shades of Underground in its making. Don't mistake Heat for a revamp or reboot, though, there also seems to be an emphasis in the people that call these streets home too. The trailer ending with the phrase "This is our escape" something everybody playing can relate to.

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There's also an image of what appears to be a BMW M series car on the thumbnail for the video, which looks eerily similar to NFS Most Wanted's famous blue and silver car from 2005. It's early days to be speculating, but could there be a potential tie-in in Heat? Let us know in the comments below!

Heat reigniting an old flame

We wrote about how Need for Speed can recapture its fanbase earlier in the month, and it's fair to say that Ghost Games are ticking a lot of those boxes in the run up to Heat's release. 

Most fans of NFS will agree that the racing series was at its peak during the mid-2000s. NFS has been around for 25 years now, but these golden years with the releases of both Undergrounds and the original Most Wanted are what EA should be striving to rediscover. 

There are definite shades of both Underground and Underground 2 to be seen in Palm City at night. There appears to be an emphasis on the customisation and modification of the cars you drive, after all, is it really NFS if you can't race with oversized spoilers and over the top body kits?

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One of the aspects that any Need for Speed game needs to be a success is for it to be fun and not take itself too seriously. It has to border on the ridiculous but not go too far over the line of reality.

With a new handling model thrown into the mix, the signs are definitely promising at this stage. We'll have to wait to pick up the game to be sure, but if Heat plays as good as it looks, gamers will be in for a big treat next month.

For more information on the game, including everything you need to know about NFS Heat, be sure to check out our recent article on Ghost Games' latest creation for an in-depth look. 

In addition, there's also the official gameplay trailer to sink your teeth into:

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