Need For Speed Heat – Everything you need to know: Release Date, Beta, Demo, Trailer, Cops, Police Chase, Speedhunters Showdown, Gameplay, Pre-Order, New Features & much, much more

A new NFS is coming. This is everything you need to know about EA's new racer.

A hero of early Playstation gaming, the Need For Speed title is an iconic franchise. The latest instalment is hitting shelves on 8 November and it is already turning heads and creating hype.

Given the moniker “Heat”, this edition hopes to pour fuel on the fire of an amazing year for racers everywhere. With the return of GRID, the street racing war is back on in 2019.

The series grew to legendary status on the PS2 thanks to Underground 2 and Most Wanted, but it has fallen away in recent years, with disappointing releases and poor critical reception.

Can the latest title restore some pride to the Godfather of racers? What do we know about Need For Speed Heat so far?

Release Date & Price

Need For Speed Heat will hit on 8 November on PS4, Xbox One, & PC via Origin.

Early access will be available from 5 November to those ordering the Deluxe Edition on Origin Access Premier. There will also be the ten-hour trial for EA Access members.

The standard edition will cost £54.99 on PS4 & Xbox One, with the deluxe edition checking in at £69.99.

On Origin the standard edition is still £54.99 but the deluxe edition comes down to £59.99.

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The Need For Speed Heat trailer delivers everything you could want from it. Fast cars, blazing sirens from the chasing police, and more than a few crashes.

It also flexes some customisation muscles with the ability to add body work and spoilers to your cars while teasing out day time missions and the classic illegal night races that Need For Speed has built its reputation on. This looks like the complete package, and a full gameplay trailer will drop at Gamescom next week.

Pre-Order bonuses

If you want a few extras for your money you can pre-order the game on both consoles and PC to unlock a few extras.

If you pre-order the standard edition you get the K.S. Edition Mitsubishi Evolution X as a starter car.

Pre-orders for the Deluxe Edition open up your garage though. You get four K.S. Edition cars, that’s the Evo X plus three more that can be unlocked in stages through the game, including the BMW i8 Coupe, Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, and Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.

You also get four exclusive character outfits and Rep/Bank boosts.

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Need For Speed Heat is set in the fictional Palm City, but the trailer and the styling of the Heat logo show a lot of Miami influence across the game, as well as more than a few nods at classics like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that were also set in a Miami-style city.

During the day Palm City will host sanctioned races called Speedhunter Showdown, where you can earn Bank to buy new rides and customise your current ones. But by night, the intense, illegal, street races where you build your reputation take place, but cops waiting to snag you and some of them won’t be playing fair.

A gameplay trailer dropped at Gamescom which has given us more detail on the racing series you do during the day, and the way the intensity ramps up at night.

Beyond that little is known, but EA say “The game deepens and expands everything Need for Speed fans love – expressive customisation, authentic urban car culture, and an immersive narrative that pulls you into the game.”

Palm City promises to be open world, which is always a big plus.

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Need For Speed demos can be erratic, so don’t expect anything until close to release. With the new EA Access ten-hour trials we may not even get a demo this year. Fingers are crossed that EA give us a demo date at Gamescom though so we know when we can start racing police and causing mayhem on the streets again.

RealSport will have all the latest from Gamescom and about the exciting new Need For Speed Heat so keep checking back for updates!

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