Xbox Series X: Leaked photos show off 'next-gen' hardware

Thanks to what seems to be an accidental design leak, we finally have our first real look at the Xbox Series X – or at least, the back of it.

Earlier today, a couple of photos of the Xbox Series X console started doing the rounds on Twitter, featuring the front and back of the unit.

Having been confirmed as authentic, the images show off the next-gen console's hardware as well as it's ports.

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Leaked Hardware

Having been confirmed as authentic by Thurrott's Brad Sams, the images show off vents, a single HDMI-out, two USB-A ports on the back (and one on the front), an optical audio port, a dual-pin power socket, and an Ethernet port.

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BABY GOT BACK: The images were posted by Twitter user @Doug_DragoX

The unit is marked with a serial number and labelled as “Xbox Product Name Placeholder.”

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Interestingly, the port make up on the console is identical to the recently reported outline, and the unit’s serial number is still visible on the back. 

Serial numbers are unique identifiers, so whoever shared these pictures can be tracked down by Microsoft. 

It also appears the serial number is not fake, as a Twitter user has already successfully registered it to their Microsoft account.

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SORRY NOT SORRY: Twitter user @Gamereaper187 took this leak a step further, and the serial number turned out to be legitimate

Even assuming the photos’ authenticity, they shouldn’t be taken as proof of a finished product, as it isn't set to release for the best part of a year. 

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It’s more than possible that Microsoft could still alter the design, but the images do suggest certain hardware decisions on Microsoft’s part.

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