RealOpinions: Will Spider-Man: Miles Morales be as Good as the First Game? Storyline, Graphics, Gameplay and More!

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Spider-Man is set to return to the PlayStation with Insomniac Games' upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

This time around, we'll be on the PlayStation 5.

We got to know Miles Morales in the first game, but it seems he'll have made some progress in becoming Spider-Man since the last time we saw him.

What will Insomniac do to improve on the first game? And what will we see Miles get up to in this next title?


In the previous game, we were introduced to the character of Miles Morales.

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SELFIE MODE - Hopefully the quirky 'Selfie Mode' will be returning for some amazing comedic moments.

We played as him for a short time and got to see his character grow as he went through some rather traumatic experiences.

At the end of the main campaign, we saw Miles showing Peter his Spider skills.

It is unclear whether we'll see an appearance from Mary Jane. But it seems Peter will continue to act as a mentor / new father figure for Miles.

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In some of the DLC for Spider-Man, we begin to see Peter tutoring Miles in becoming Spider-Man.

We'll likely pick up with Miles partway through his training with Peter.


The core mechanics and gameplay will likely feel very familiar, compared to the first game.

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WITH GREAT POWER - How will Peter teach Miles to be the best he can be?

There will be some changes to combat, due to Miles' unique abilities shown off in the trailer.

We may also see a brand new swinging style, as miles won't have exactly the same movement as Peter.

The previous game seemed to perfect this mechanic, so it'll be interesting to see where Insomniac goes with this.


Using the PS5's new hardware, we can expect to see massive improvements to the bustling streets of New York.

This may include more lively streets, air space and other features that make the world feel alive


Obviously, the graphics will be massively improved over the previous game. From what we've seen so far, it looks amazing!

miles morales ps5 holliday 2020
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THE ONE THAT WEARS THE MASK - Peter will no longer be the only Spider-Man!

Hopefully, there will be some sort of ray-tracing simulation that can add to the realism of the game.

We also hope to see a massive FPS (Frames Per Second) boost. The previous Spider-Man game was capped at 30 fps. We would like to see that be upwards of 60-90 at least.

This would make the game, not only look, but also feel much more fluid.


If the game is running on the same engine, we'll likely feel right at home with this next title.

Release Date

Spider-Man Miles Morales is set for a Holliday 2020 release date.

This hints towards the game releasing alongside the launch of the new PS5 console. Meaning it could be one of the only games available at launch.

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Although no DLC has been announced, we'll likely see a couple of DLCs release further down the line.

There will probably be a Season Pass that releases with the game, to allow you to purchase the DLC for a better price.

Be Greater, Be Yourself

So, what could Insomniac Games improve?

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GREAT RESPONSIBILITY - Not only does Peter have to take care of New York, he now has to ensure Miles is safe and strong for any fight!

The previous game had addictive and satisfying combat, that always made you feel nimble and agile.

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Unfortunately, when it came to boss battles, the same can't be said. With a small amount of common sense, you could easily work out the pattern each boss uses.

As well as this, there was little content after you complete the Campaign. Other than collectables and short side missions, there was little to do.

This was later combated with the release of DLC, but at release, it felt like there wasn't much point playing past the 15-hour story.

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If Insomniac Games can add more content at release, players would have much more gameplay to dig their teeth into

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